Tuesday, July 21, 2009


HATE iT~!!

DAMN hate people so annoying~!!
non-stop asking same question..

i already say...
i will tell you guys when everything confirm~~
if got new information will contact u all!!
so i mean it~!!don't ever disturb me by nudging me in MSN
or keep SMS me asking me nonsense again~!!
even friend i will straightly scold~!!!

if you still ask me the same thing~~
then i can confirm that you are not human..
YOU don't understand what I'm talking about~!!
i will straight away call you don't work~!!

i also hate people that use me~!!!
especially my friends~Kay!
i use my heart to be friend with you so
don't use me!!
if i got chance to
SLAP you i sure will do it~!!!

if normally did not call me or SMS me,
suddenly saw i got car and come stick to me~
GET LOST!!!don't pretend to be friend with me or pretend close with me~~!!
that is DISGUSTING kay~!!this kind of people make me vomiting~!!

don't ever take advantage from me!!!
if you hate me i DON'T CARE~~~~~
if you be friend with cause want something from me~~
ei~please la..


vertigonick said...

walao.. so fierce oo @@

Carolinelzt said...

lol~~me no fierce ar..~><

-lu yi- said...

adui.. memang ada banyak orang macam ini lo.. haha.. calm down line line..

Carolinelzt said...

never mind la..
i already fat xie le..
nothing jo~~~happy and 38 as usual~~^^

raine said...

ting.. don so meng zheng... cheers.. =)

Carolinelzt said...

^^~thank raine~!!
i ad cheers back~~^^