Wednesday, July 8, 2009


How to draw a colour ball~XD

first u must have a equipment to draw a pretty circle..
as what the picture show..
draw any size u like..using H pencil^^

then, u cross-hatching using 1 soft colour according the circle line and size~
not so hard~~

after that, use a almost similar colour do the same thing..

and continue with a harder colour, and do same thing

and lastly, draw outline of the ball by using
the 3 same colour of the ball..
then use a piece of tissue paper to rub is not to hard till the colour come out..
so if have a effect of glowing or flowing^^~

loL~~im so free so i upload some picture.
that i take when im doing this homework~~~XD


Jason said...

walao... u very yeng lar... Wanna learn from u d! XD

Carolinelzt said...

loL~~what i do o??
why yeng??blur jo~~@@