Tuesday, July 7, 2009



my new bag pack~~rm42..expensive lo!!!
reach KLCC lu~~~
have our lunch at Kenny Roger~~Yummy
Soup of the day~~creamy~!!
Auntie Annie
Promoting~loL..so ugly!!==look like sleeping

5 July 09- Sunday

Jeff TTg group = Fei,Meng,JasonLim and Kenny decide to go KLCC
but Kenny can't go..cause he have to rush his Conceptual assignment..
this is very important for him~~he can't 'titanic' again~XD
back to KLCC~TTG told us that KLCC will have a exhibition of art journal..
so they decide to go have a look..
me and Shaun go hang kai je~~^^"
and end up i show up late la..so did not see any of the journal..
but they told me nothing special just a normal journal book..XD

so i when to KLCC KFC find them with my bestie Sarah..
after that then we separate cause i wanted to go have a look at the branded shop for something special^^~***SECRET
and Jason want to go PDI buy sock..
then we met Time Square cinema..
cause i want to watch 17 Again, but they don't want..
so i go force them, but fail la..
they still don't want~~never mind..

feel damn hungry but the guys just ate..
so they go window shopping then go back Wangsa lo..
me and Sarah have our lunch at Kenny Roger~!!YUmmy~
then i bought a back pack cost me rm42~!!expensive==""

before go back we bougth pretzel from Auntie Annie..^^
then send Sarah home and got home pack my stuff prepare tomorrow school thing~~

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