Thursday, July 30, 2009


actually i was thinking of post all picture i just got it from Doreamon d~~
but cause of my laziness and due to the time was so 'early'..
so i think i will post it tomorrow luuu~XD

recently i feel quite weird~
this feeling was not a normal feeling..
is feeling that i don't know how to say..??!
maybe something like
six sense~duh..
really got something called six sense ma??o.0
don't care~i think no one care too~!!

back to here~
i was talking serious here i really have a weird and bad feeling..
that somewhere somehow there will be something happen to me..
but i really not sure what thing?
I will
"ei~wake up please!!i where got so many money to bankrupt, it is always with me d"
hmm~then what else?
my family problem? friendship have big gap in between us?
or me and my 'him'~~!!?

or i will sick? or i fail my exam and need re-sit?
or can't finish all my homework and assignment~=="
this kind of feeling just bother me!!
is it i think too much ["^^ ]
wish I'm~

go sleep lo~
night everyone~!!


~six~ said...

lol~ u think too much~ XD


Carolinelzt said...

but i just now receive bad news!!