Tuesday, July 21, 2009



this was my phone~~^^
i decorated it..so it will not look so ugly like last tim
e d~~^^
same as new phone at the back only~~XD
i have peel off all the ugly skin and paste the colourful clothe

this what Jason and Shaun doing whole TTG lecture~~tie wood=="~
not concentra in lecture~~x(
teaching Shaun~~tie wood~~XD
don't misunderstood lo..~~doing his Pn Nik stuff~~XD
is it i told you~~if was so comfortable to sleep in TTG lecture~~X) see Kenny so comfortable sleeping in the lecture~~
what i draw while TTG giving lecture~~~^^
so blur~next time show the better 1^^~


today i was late to class
and it is English class
AGAIN~!!! but lucky~very bery lucky Madam Rajamani did not list down as late~
then it was Jeff,Kenny and JasonLim oral test~~ very funny~~Jason act till so real..XD after them it was me and Trista~==" guess what tittle we got~~~~~~~~~~~~~~=="
Pn Raj very clever and indirectly told us something.. our tittle was
* * * * * *
what should college student wear~!!@@ me and Trista was like~~WHAT THE **...FUNNY lo~~~
we was wearing short pant..school don't let us wear that short==" so she gave us 10minute.. so we when out of the class to discuss what to act.. it was so
nervous~~cause i worry it will end up like HE presentation.. but lucky~~it end up pe
rfectly..not what i expected~~^^ i think if was good enough to get a good result ba..~^^~

after English~we when to have our
reakfast at canteen 2..
and wait for the Conceptual lecture~~
it was so
boring~!!as usually la..
tell us boring stuff that we never understand..
then show us some artwork or creation of Graphic Design..=="
then, show us some oversea advertisements that we are still blurring after finish lecture~~
wondering what the purpose to show us all that~~@@

finish Conceptual lecture~~
we have nothing to do~~!!!!
more bored!!!!!
JasonLiew and Shaun go to discussion room to do their Conceptual assignment3~X(
so fast start~~~~
so me,Trista,Meng,Kenny,Fei,Jeff and JasonLim go to Wangsa buy some equipment for Conceptual..
then no place to go again~~~
i so
miss the taste of
糖水 = sweet soup~~XD
so Fei and Kenny suggest go drink lo..^^~
so nice le..i order 'Bu Bu Cha Cha' and a stick rice~~so

then still got 1hours++ we go Jusco to blow air-con la..XD
go the play the 'Ping Pong' thingy...
VS Kenny/Caroline
result~~J/T-15 | K/C-14
SHIT~~~~~~let u guys win..cause our clumsiness~don't so happy kay~~kakakaka

then, is time for TTG d..extra BORING!!!
do nothing so i have taken some picture and draw something~~^^~~

after TTG end~~
me,Jason,Shaun,Kenny and Fei go support
DML1 basketball match~~^^
actually i go support Leon and KaiXian only,
顺便 watch the match~i quite long time did not watch a basketball match~!!
it was so excited~~ and i can not imagine that how cool + is Leon and KaiXian when they in a match~~ but it was so funny in the begin cause that 猴子Leon pose and the way 老鼠Xian play~!! it was so entertain when KX and Leon when into the match~!!
they have WON the match by 31-25 if I'm not wrong..^^~CONGRATS~

it was so fun to watch a sport match~~!! i LOVE guys that play sport...it was the most moment of them~!!!!!!!!!

****AGREE mou...!?~^^~


-lu yi- said...

long time din watch basketball match d.. want to play basketball n volleyball with u all la.. *miss miss*

Carolinelzt said...

i damn miss last time la..
although everytime also argue la..><

haix~~now all very pro..pa pa!!
but my friend match was nice and funny~!!but not like last time when we go watch yk they all school vs school feel~~^^