Friday, July 24, 2009



today was my lazies day of all~!!!
but i still attended Pn Nik lecture..
cause she told us last week that this week is our mid term exam~!!
so have to attend la..and the exam was a practical test~+ 2 question la..

she show us a lion picture~and we must illus it in a A4 paper by using pen in 20minute!!
aduii~how can we do so!!so i finish it but not very detail..TT*SAD
2nd picture was a branch of grape still hanging at the tree..many leaves~
we have to illus using colour pencil in 20minute also~!!=="
this i did not finish it~!!i putus asa jo!!
and 2 question..=="look like easy and i can answer it without thinking..
but i worry that my answer was wrong~!!

after Pn Nik, U4 my class have replacement class for Bryn=="
damn tired le..but it is compulsory~no choice la..
today everyone showing their t-shirt tracing with colour all look so nice~!!
i worry my will ugly!!haix~

**CHEERS UP~~CHEERS UP~ wish i really can!!

after Bryn me have 3hours before HE..
so when to TBR eat our break first = 1st meal la..
and ZhuZi,Evon + Trista when to my house to continue our Conceptual assignment!!
finally it have the Christmas look~~PHEW***
the picture is below~~scroll down to see..nice or not?

then we 4.50pm rush back to school for HE lecture~
and i was sitting at at the back with U3 gang..
and some STUPID FELLOW thought i did something that i really did not done it!!
and trying to advise me!!FK~
please if i really have to do so..i done it 2 3 weeks ago!!
should i wait till now!!no reason i done so!!
and i HATE people menfitnah me!!

and Mr J if what i say have make u BO SONG~!!
I'm SORRY!! if you don't like my way~~I'm DAMn don't care bout it!!
you can pretend never ever meet me before!!
forget me as a friend~!!treat me as a stranger!!
don't talk to me also can~!!
next time before advise me let me know what happening~!!
I'm seriously in a bad mood NOW!!
SORRY~if i have burst out all my temp on you!!

and yesterday what we chat at McDonald it does not mean we will do so!!
i have suffer enough!!I'm damn tired!!
tired of living here~
tired of my life~
tired of people surround me~
tires with my stupid abnormal life style here~
tired of involve in other people thing~
tired with betrayer~
tired with everything~!!!!!!!!!!

**i wish i got H1N1 and DEAD~!!!!


i have restore my junk food corner~!!
YumMy~~~~~these are my best friend ever!!!
at least they never hurt me~!!
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KaedE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KaedE said...

ehh dun simply curse urself leh!! X__X cool down~~ haha
yor geng la u guys already start doing! the star very nice leh!

Carolinelzt said...

dont knw~dont k~ silent 4ever
ya~ty..evon make it

blaze_jason said...

oi,siao za po! y so many snacks de! Xiao?! No share with us lar! Xiao za po! Oi xiao za po, I enjoy the 20 minutes thigny leh! xiao!

dont so 灰心 lar... later become XIAO xiao za BO then more cham....

Carolinelzt said...

loL~snack is my life, tht make me survive..
no thm no me~i do enjoy..
but it make me pekcek~!!

i also wish im xiao~
atleast i wont understand what ppl saying..

~six~ said...

Wah!!!...dun cursed uerself...anything could be solve de~ =)
jyjy~ =)


~six~ said...

Ur group's product oso very nice lerh~ =D


Carolinelzt said... big fan ying=="

my group product my friend say no christmas feel~~~~><

~six~ said...

lol~ put some snow then~ XD
maybe u guys can cut alot alot alot small pieces of white paper then randomly stick on mounting board+tree~


Carolinelzt said...

we will~~
hvn finis~~
here just our 50%

dxlim said... yor mouth,respect n appreciate yor life....dun simply say...

Carolinelzt said...

yes sir~~~^^

ms. sarah said...

your life of friends so same with me .. until now i feel like that too.. except for 2 person .. i agreed with u .. college friends also like this d.. nth different .. just don care them la.. think study betta..

Leon said...

wah~~sarah i dont believe u say somethng like tht le..!!!
tak sangka la!!terkejut!!

Carolinelzt said...

the leon comment is me~~paiseh
i 4got is his acc==""

ms. sarah said...

i tot what .. lol .. terkejut saya.. suddenly 'huh leon'? do i know him
= = what la u .. really lo .. when we come out again i tell u abt it.. grandmother story , hahaha

Carolinelzt said...

okok..find 1 day go out yum cha again lo..
thats y we 2 are bestie~~LOL