Sunday, July 5, 2009


my LIFE~in Setapak

charcoal pencil and charcoal eraser
text book~
*English practical and Hubungan Etnik
*A3 layout pad= sketch book =="
*A3 sketch book or paper holder...
*A3 Sketch book and drawing paper
*A1 sketch book and a note book
My study stuff~cost me more then rm100~~X.X
Sri Pelangi swimming pool~the only clean n pretty place in this condo
Jason and Shaun always look at it when they came my house~~
guess why~?? XD
Sook Teng cute little radio~~ahhaha
my roommate study table~Bi Rong+Sook Teng
my sis study table~just next to mine
Setapak house~
Mr Chow~our lo sor+most hate lecturer!! =X
Conceptual Design
Image manipulation class~Bernard

it was so boring~~~
have nothing to do..and i found some picture i took
at the 1st month of college life~~~
so post it up lo..^^

a the picture show my living room was actually did not have any furniture..
cause we put our study table at living room..
cause the room is to small..
my stuff actually quite expensive..wasted so much money in them..!!

now damn busy with all the assignment given..NON STOP!
and all of us doing it like nuts..
rushing this n that~hu..
seriously not enough time to sleep~~
everyday go school with my panda eyes~!!!
face full of pimples~!!


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