Friday, July 24, 2009


new~PICTURE update!!

The lastest picture!!! fresh baked from oven~~~
from 21July09-Tuesday- to 23July09-Thursday-
just wanted to upload abit of my life in month of July~~~~~!!!


21July09 Tuesday
Prepare to bath~!!XD
Showing u guys my new T-shirt~~my Bro-Nix- choose it for me~^^

my TIRED face~!!before school~~=="

just finish bath~~
ready to go school~!!
after English class that i skipped~!!XD
everyone come to my house to do Conceptual 3D assignment~^^
they actually seriously discussing what to do~
and I'm just have some fun with my camera lo~~^^
still discuss~~boring~!!
doing something~~actually keeping thing~
what i have done half way~~XD
GUESS what this~~???
you can't guess it le..~~
it was a part of our Conceptual 3D assignment work~!!

HE class~Pn Ina
she was the lecturer i hate the most!!!
always scold us!!!HATE HER
Jeff and Fei~taking our classmate presentation~~
Meng,Jason and Kenny so serious listen~~*fake d la..
Jace,Mun Yi and Xue Yi~~
they not concentrate at all...chit chat only~~aduii
Jee Hong~you will alway saw her hand phone stick
on her hand and also ears~~~
also, don't why also sit at the corner~@@"
Sexy Back of Raine,Jane and Evon~~
they ignoring the presenter~~loL

this was the collection of Caroline and her Crazy Friends~!!
you sure you want to see~??
it may give you a heart attack~~!!!
me~with my blue 1000ml bottle~!!
auntie Trista~pretend sleeping~!!
Caroline again~~!!
it was so boring to listen other group presentation~!!
so cam whoring~~^^
i have attract miss Sharon to join me in my CAM WHORING section~XD
and also auntie Trista~~
still us~~Okay..don't understand why my expression so weird~!!
pretend to sleep again~~aduii
really like to pretend sleep~~=="
our stupid face~~!!part 1
STUPID face~~past 2
lastly~~end with 3 of us~!!
Trista, Caroline and Sharon~~~~~

this is what happen this week~~~!!my LIFE in college~~
but is a chance for me to learn more and more~!!^^
cheers up~cheers up~!!!

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