Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Orientation Odyssey Night~~^^

before go out~
Just reach home~~exhausted!!
^^~nice ma?
this dress cost me RM60+=="

12 July 09 -Sunday-

it was my BBDX birthday~^^LOVE him
and also Tarc OO night~~so i go with Leon
where we choose our beauty and gentlemen^^
thought it will be funny.
wrong..it was so so so boring~x.x

because of the OO night i rush to Sg Wang just to buy this dress!!
haix~never mind i will have second chance to wear it~~^^"
ans i meet 2 news friends..guy is Roy and his girlfriend Stephie..
both also very nice~~^^

so the OO night not what i expect, it was boring!!!
just see those fellow walk like a cat = cat walk on the stage=="
never mind la..i go also play play je~~
but that say seriously tired~~~~~=="

i got home and call my BBDX cause his birthday~~^^
sorry~cause no time..


raine said...

oh... tat day u went sg wang was to buy dress.. haha.. c nx time we still so got "yuen" to meet or not.. XD

Carolinelzt said...

u stil working there o??~~