Friday, July 10, 2009



okay~i seriously wanted to blog this few day thingy that happen in my college life..
but cause of my short term memory disease i forgot everything!!

so Tuesday-7July09-

Junor birthday nothing special..
wish him belated birthday dulu~~^^
just do my Chow fatty assignment and homework from Bernard
when i reach home and feel so exhausted..
but can't go sleep straight away..
cause many homework and assignment did not finish..
have to stay awake to do finish it~!!

i did not sleep~~!!for whole night..
doing CHOW FATTY assignment right after i finish Bernard wallpaper..
so i was so tired and exhausted did not sleep for whole night..
doing assignment and chat awhile with Fei, Kenny and Jeff
they are doing the same thing I'm doing..
did not sleep and doing assignment..!!KESIAN

i do till 6.55am the next day 8June09-Wednesday-
and i decide to nap few minute..
before i go bath n prepare to school..
and after 15minute my sis wake me up..=="
really few minute..can't tahan..but must tahan also..

at 7.35am i at my door trying to close the door..
a very very very good news came to my phone inbox..
Bernard class is cancelled for today~!!

i got time to sleep before Chow class..
immediately i told my sis my class cancel..BYE~
and call all my friends that class cancel
then, terus change pant lying at the bed and faint out..^^
before i sleep i sms Jeff later wake me up..
worry can't wake~~~=(

so sleep after that, end up wake at 9.45am
Chow class was 10am..he only let us late 5minute..
after 5minute lock door and kick every later comer~!!
so i skip class..but i when to school at 10.30am
sit at canteen 2 wait the class end and pass up assignment..=="

so after the Chow thingy i go home with Kevin and Jason..
before go home..i call them to accompany me to E3 cut my
silly jelly fish hair~~~XD
cost me rm16..not expensive la..quite good..
but i did not cut something i want..
not dare~~worry after i cut it short..
the end of my hair will will look like
pasar pagi aunties..

so wait i go straighten my hair only i cut it lo~~^^
but i think need to wait quite long..=="

after hair cut, wait for Fei come fetch me to badminton~~^^
seriously i was exhausted d..
but feel very excited with badminton..
can sweat a bit it feel refreshing~~~XD

after badminton we go 'lim teh' = drink tea = go for a drink^^
reach home fast fast go bath..
then when to bed before dinner..
i did not on my alarm..
thought that Leon, Jason and KaiXian they all will wake me up..
but they only send me a message ask "want eat"
each of them 1 message..but i did not reply them and they did not bother at all..

so end up, i wake at 10++pm everyone is at home..
and im hungry~~
LENGZAI Kenny call me go Lim teh~
so i go and eat also..^^
finish everything..straight go sleep~~
my panda eye come out d..all pimple burst out~!!


Jason said...

from small font to big font... really make my eyes feel tired... @@

Carolinelzt said...

not my fault..
is blogger got problem..
always like that i cant change it back to normal..
but when i all in normal front..=="
gek sei me