Thursday, July 30, 2009



the picture i just got from Ah Fei~^^
and some are last few day~

the Team~look so smart~~XD
this picture look like professional photographic..
taken at Hilton Hotel~~nice background~~~ and Yun Qi
Kenny macam 'Ah Pek'


after school~~~XD

my 2nd exercise~~~
this was Zhen Yang 2nd exercise~lol
i saw it when he show his group assignment to Chow~
very cute right?~

back to our Assignment pass up day~~
scroll down to see U4 creation~!!
1st. my group= Christmas tree~~^^

2nd.Jeff group= Mummy hand that appear from ground
different side view~

3rd.Kevin group= Ferris wheel
side view~
top and front view~

4th.Xue Yi group= MJ fabulous stage~
top view~front view

lastly. Jon group= Winter season
top and front view~
can you spot the Snow Man

my group picture~~^^cheezz!!
Trista~me and our Christmas tree
Chow giving addition comment~=="
i like this picture~~i look natural in here~~XD*damn perasan~
Jason~Shaun and thier Ferris Wheel
the Jon group wit Chow and their Winter season~
this how it look like when a person became nuts~
this is how a people wanted the time past fast fast~~XD
nice picture of our U4~~
some go home d~~~^^still like it~~
after Conceptual~~everyone was relax awhile~!!
so go McDonald Again!!
taken by MengZai~see i mention you in my blog d~~
this is our house~!!cause is the only place we can go when we are too free~!!
Kenny/Jason VS Caroline/Shaun
winning~~look so happy~!!XD
losing~~Jeff came for the rescue~
but stil having the same result~~==

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