Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Replacement class + Poppy Nitght~><

MAC le..XD
this keyboard cost RM200++..=="
is metal d le..so nice..wish i got one~!!
my sleepy face~!!@.@
my lips is bloodless~!!!

bored till have nothing to play~!!
still have other picture but i accidentally delete it..=="
lazy upload again~!!
after Bryn~replacement class
*take a picture as the end of the day!!^^

11 July 09-Saturday-

in the morning U4, we got replacement class for
English 3hours==" and Bryn 2hours~~
so sleepy le...can't even open my eyes!!
but force myself to wake up and go to school..

it was so empty..first time saw school so empty~XD
so sleep awhile in English class and awhile in Bryn class..
cause really BEH TAHAN~!! sorry~!

so me and Trista, was cam whoring in the MAC lab~^^
cause was so bored while Bryn was check everyone homework~^^
that day the Lab A1 is used by our Senior..
so we have to use other lab
the next lab..guess what~we got chance to use MAC~~woohoo!
the keyboard really attract me~!!
so nice..very thin,quite heavy and is made from metal..COOL~
most important is, the USB plug is at the left and right of the keyboard~!!
so nice~~~wish i have 1 of that keyboard..^^"

on that night it was a~~~~
Poppy Night~~~~~
environment very nice..very huge place..
open air~all design quite nice..

that night did not decide to go there..
but my college friends [KaiXian,Leon,ShaoHong,SuShen and Eric]
say never when to KL club before..
wanted to have a look in there=="
cause i never go Poppy before,that's why i follow them.

but it was
actually Poppy is above 21years old for lady and 23 for the guy..
so I'm underage lo..
my friend bring me in,before i when in
the security and i think is the manager-
is a lady-..
wanted to check my
IC so i give them,
the manager face look like not letting me in,
and given a sign to the security like not allow,
so me and my friends thought she not letting me in..
but few second later, she shouted 'GO IN~!!!'
wao~!i immediately damn no mood,
straight away take my back IC and go in..

second thing is, i called my secondary friends to Poppy too..
but to
crowded d..they left after 1 or 2 hours..=="
so we play till almost 3am till Poppy close..
when home lo..by Eric car..
unfortunately, my 'fu' = i think called as charm gua..
left in Eric car~~X.X

now don't know how to take it back~!!!

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