Saturday, July 4, 2009


Skip Class^^


yesterday after Pn nik lecture we have 5hours break before HE lecture..=="
don't how to pass it fast~~~X(
so we decide to go Jusco eat McDonald^^~
we reach there early then Fei gang..
then 5minute later Fei,Jeff,Kenny,Meng and Jason came..

and all of us did not order anything..
guess why~~???hahaha..XD
cause haven 12am!!
when is 12pm McDonald have McValue ma..
more cheap and value~!!hahaha
when it 12pm the Q start become very long..=="
everyone was waiting 12pm..loL~!!
when we are there it was EMPTY~when is 12pm..McDonald was full
no more place to sit..GENG!!

McDonald have strategy la~~
it have more people eat McValue then people go eat KFC Jom Jimat..

then eat finish all chit chat at there..
cause we have many time..
and suddenly don't know who say Ice Age3 thingy..
and make Trista and me so wanted to watch~~XD
so we plan how to go and how to back..
both of us also force the guy to go..hahahaha~~
but they give the chance to Jason Lim!!
cause thought Jason will say NO..
but Jason actually wanted to watch Ice Age3 so much..^^
so the answer was YES!!all of us go Mid Valley~~~
for Ice Age3..huhuhuhu~~

so me and Trista go buy ticket..
12 people le..!!
so many ticket...
got me,Trista,Kevin,Shaun,Fei,Jeff,Kenny,Meng,Jason Lim
and 3other Fei friends...^^~
Jason Liew did not go..cause his bro fetch him to buy a new laptop
while waiting for Fei friends and waiting for the time to come..
Fei treat me McDonald ice-cream~!!THANK
but he did not eat cause no money..PITY Fei~

after finish our cold, cream and yummy ice-cream we go in lo~~
this cartoon was funny..
have to watch it~!!
i never watch Ice Age 2..cause it really did not attract me^^"
but Ice age 3 was..wao~nice!!

after movie...go home lo..
by Ah Fei car..Meng go back with Trista..
Jason go back take public transport lo..
Kevin,Me,Jeff and Shaun side at the back of Fei wira..
so FAT la u guys!!=P

then they drop me and Kevin at Tarc..
cause i have to drive back my car at Tarc..
Kevin go find Ginny for later night
Eason Chen H3M mini Concert at our school sport complex..

then i feel abit hungry..
so call Kenny and Shaun see whether they wanted to eat dinner together or not lo..
so they want we when near Wangsa Maju LRT hawker stall eat lo..
and chat till 9pm..
wao~~!!time fly very fast..o.0

end up no go HE lecture!!XD

got home pack something and start the journey to back Puchong lo..^^~~
miss home!!cause last week did not go back Puchong..=="

This was the movie i watch on MUD day.. a great movie~!!
so guys~if u have watch..go watch!!
still wait for what!!

is nice movie..and also Ice Age 3..
although Ice Age look like for small kids
but who say adults and teenagers can't watch right..
never watch this 2 movie or never think of it,just have a try..
go watch la..^^~i think you will like it...

me recommended to everyone..
Transformers and also Ice Age 3...

if can tomorrow after KLCC don't know what journal thingy..i want to watch 17 Again..before it to late~~TT..Fei go watch la..won't late back je..^^~

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