Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Some School Stuff~~

this blog will not have any picture~~
cause I'm lazy~~~maybe will post picture on the next post
and after i got all picture from Doreamon哥哥~~^^
he still sleeping like pig~=="

so on Monday we have TTG Mid Term exam~~
it was the hardest subject ever i think la..~~XD
cause is all about art or master piece~!!
all history~you will never understand what he teach..==
but TTG was a nice lecturer and speak fluent ENGLISH~!!
i always nervous when talk to him=="

back to the Mid Term exam~
TTG say this " please do not copy, do not see you note and do not discuss with your friends" he added "try to do it by yourself without copying and be true to yourself"

but when the exam start everyone have the TTG note on their table and some hiding on their leg cover by bag or file~~XD
even the smart people also have to copy this subject~=="
it was so funny when the walk to he left side right side people start copying..
he walk to front back will discuss~~

feel so sorry to him~~~but Mr Tan yours subject was too hard~!!!!


Tuesday~i miss the TTG tutorial class over slept~sorry once again~=="
and i missed the volleyball practice ALSO~!!!
have to replace 4hours if not i can't take my co-curriculum exam!!HATE HIM!!
then i when to Pn Nik class..
cause have to pass up the sketch book~~
and i got 14/20 gred 2=="
she say my hatch not too good~~but my colour very good~~X(


Wednesday~it was today~

today when to Bryn class..
he teach kinda fast today..i can't really chase up~~x.x
but i got ask Shaun and Trista bout it..
and today learn some interest thing wanted to take picture of it~~
but forgot~~never mind la..==
and i did not let him consult the T-shirt tracing~~
cause CHOW class!!!!

when to car to take our Christmas tree~~
it was huge and quite heavy..XD
and colorful everyone was looking at it..^^"
then, Chow told us bout exercise 3!!!
thought can rest, it was
can't rest i think have to wait till holiday only can rest!!=(

before pass up the assignment, Chow return back us our exercise2~
yes~!!this time i got 84~^^
my assignment 1= 72
assignment2 = 47=="
don't know exercise1 what i do~~no idea bout it~~confuse@@"

then pass up our group assignment..
1 group by 1 group and need to explain bout our concept also~~
our group got 74~~so low x(
Jeff group highest i think 84
Jason group 78
Jon group 65
and Xue Yi group don't know^^" cause forgot to ask=="

after Conceptual it was 11.30am gua~
we wanted to have our breakfirst = first meal=="
at Wangsa 'tong shui' d..but did not open today~don't know why??
so change place to Jusco Mcdonald Mclunch lo~~**bored with Mcdonald la..
always Mcd Mcd~!!but no choice..
actually want go KFC but their just mop the floor and it smell like
can't eat with such smell =X

we reach Mcd quite early before 12pm so we wait lo..
while waiting Fei saw my key hanging a Safe Walker~
Fei say "what this for? if spray to face what feel? and how strong is this thingy can do?"
so i say "it is a aerosol spray~it have the same function as pepper spray lo..but stronger then pepper spray and very harmful"
Fei "really or not o!? can i try spray it??"
me "you better don't, the smell very strong!~don't play with that thing"

right after i say finish suddenly heard the
Zzzz sound~!!
Fei spray under the table~it was loud=="
and the smell start to attack us~!!i thought it won't reach me~
cause i was sitting quite far from Fei..
and i was WRONG!!it attack me FAST!!
so all of us run out but still the
Safe Walker was strong and whole Mcd customer and staff is coughing~!! even the food court customer got it~and start to cough and sneeze..x.x"
see the affect d~!!the food court was opposite the Mcd~!!
i was like sneezing till my nose coming out!!cough till don't know how to say~!!
so fast fast buy ice-cream eat~^^~

this Safe walker bought by my 宝贝 before he go India..
he know i will live at Setapak so bought this to prevent something happen~~^^
THANK YOU 宝贝~~Muackxx~~but hope i don't need to use it la..=="
and i bring it everywhere i go..but sometime forgot la..^^"

here a tips~
~***if you accidentally touch or spray by the pepper spray or Safe Walker on skin
remember immediately wash with cold water~
~*****if contact with eyes and feel very pain, go to the nearest klinik to have a proper cure~it can really blind someone~believe me!!! SO DON'T PLAY WITH IT~!!or you will REGRET

*the most funny part was..the auntie which is a customer of the food court say..
"pasti itu bau orang dalam masak sambal atau cili kot" when his husband asked her~XD
and the Mcd staff was walking around the restaurant to check what make everyone cough and sneeze~=P

picture will be post on the next post~~^^
right after i got it from Doreamon Fei~~!



KaedE said...

no need ask our marks.. next time see my blog la.... WGHHHH!!! *cries*

Carolinelzt said...

sp jin ka~~so mystery le..
make me gan jiong le..~~
u tell me la..isk~isk~

Carolinelzt said...
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KaedE said...

lowest in u4 la.. ._.

Carolinelzt said...

never mind la..
stil gt 1more homework to go!!!