Friday, July 10, 2009



officially intro Jeff wife..loL~
we to famous jo~~can't easily let people take picture ge~~XD
got a bit look like lao fu zi d..^^
hiding their face...XD
Shaun like budak that let parents throw at kai pin~~
Fei=dai lou~~
on the way home..
Honey lemon ice~~
2nd is don't know what coffee or tea..^^"
*Jeff say banyak gao d wo..
last~curry chicken toast~!!yuMMy..


Pn Nik lecture was cancel..
so we no need go for it..and all are lazy to go HE lecture..
this morning go to Low Yat with Fei,Jeff and Shaun..
cause Jeff wife smoke to much have cancer~~XD
need to see doctor..

cause his wife need to do surgery..
terpakse let her live at the 'hospital' till the doctor call..
we go to time square hang gai gai..^^
and i eat jo Gelato ice-cream..YumMy~
long time did not eat d~~~

almost 3pm we go back to Time Square to fetch Jeff wife home..
before go home we when to Old Town eat eat..^^
i just love Old Town curry~~NICE~

hmm~later want to go Jusco..
buy something~~^^

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