Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Trista Birthday~~

birthday cake from us~
the guy seriously ate so big piece of cake each~~^^
wishing her first wish~~~
that guy was her boyfriend.Edward
aduii~~Jason Lim, excited~~XD
she was playing Shaun guitar..loL~
wao~my ugly face=="
U4 Gang~~^^~
everyone ignore us~~except Jeff~~XD

picture show everything~~lol
today was Trista my pok pok chui birthday..
so me,Fei,Shaun.Jeff,Meng.both Jason plan to surprise Trista..
we order a chocolate cake from secret recipe yesterday..

and i lie Trista that we have to do something bout TTG assignment at Shaun house..
actually we all have already plan..
and Fei they all already at Shaun with the cake..
me and Jason bring Trista to Shaun house~^^

and other thing no need say la..^^~
Trista surprise mou??

Fei~waiting for PnNik to marks our assignment~~~
Jason Lim.trying out~Fei Sony camera~~smile detected~~^^
Jason Liew~Kevin
still playing with the camera~~=="
Jeff.2nd art Pro~~loL

Jaosn Lim.the art PRO~with his tiger~~
Line.Jason Liew.Kevin.Shaun

after celebrate Trista birthday we have to rush back to school
to pass up our Pn Nik assignment~~Dry Media
after pass up, we have to leave the classroom
cause she wanted to give marks on the spot..=="
so all of us when to cafetarie to wait till 3.30pm
so boring~~and i fall asleep at there..XD

then, when back on time to take back our assignment~~!!
but Pn Nik took my, say she wanted to use as example=="
i only got 33marks- full marks was 50..SAD**

waiting for Catherine..=="
this quite nice hor??
to boring~~i LOVE red!!

after knowing my marks,
and cause im so tired and sleepy..
i decide to skip Bryn lecture~~~SORRY
but i thought i can straigth away go home..
but Catherine still in her disscussion=="

so im so boring waiting for her in the car..
nothing can do..
only can~~take picture lo..XD



vertigonick said...

Jeff n Jason keng o! mana lu artwork? LOL.

Carolinelzt said...

mine at Pn Nik..she did not give back me..
so i cant take picture=="
+my artwork very ugly..><

Jason said...

Im not the best here, there is someone is way better than me, the 47/50 girl, the master of the sketched cat.

Carolinelzt said...

yala..i know xue yi got the highest..
i thnk is because her colour media done it very perfect!!!