Tuesday, July 21, 2009


wanted to update~!!

I'm not in mood of blogging..=="
but i just wanted to update my blog~~~~~~~x.x

after HE~me and Kenny -stole from Trista blog-
after HE presentation~~
my outfit for HE presentation~VERY WEIRD!!
they say look like auntie!!!

16 July 09-Thursday-

that day was my HE group presentation~!!
HATE it!!!
I'm totally SUCK in presentation~!!
cause i did not do any proper preparation~X.X

so that day i was nervous till my hand shake and face a bit of redness come out~=="
and my outfit was SUCK than the presentation i did~!!
I'm wearing knee level black and white floral dress
a white laces single, a black half coat..
and a pretty black heel~
all equal to UGLY~!!!look like old lady
cause it totally the opposite of me~~
look so mature!!!!!!!!!!!

my classmate have help me hard promote to other bout my look that day~!!
HATE you guys le~~~~~~~~~
this is cause of CAROLINE LIM to lazy to buy formal clothe!!
never wear that AGAIN~!!never EVER!!

but quite happy that Pn Ina say our folio so good~~^^
most of it was my works!!!!YEAH~~~

this was the picture taken after OO Night~~
with Leon..taken by Stephanie-Roy girlfriend-
i just got it~~@@

i think this picture quite nice~~~
but Leon look like no hair~~~~XD
still got another picture~~did not upload..me very UGLY~!!!


raine said...

hoho..later ur dx bao bei "drink vinegar" in india.. XD

Carolinelzt said...

won't d gua..^^"
he also got many lenglui at india wo..loL