Thursday, July 23, 2009


worst DAY EVER~!!

today was my bad day ever~!!
it was normal in the morning~~~~

but when it came to 6pm..
my nightmare started!!
everything was a mess...
thought i can fast fast start volleyball competition sharp 6pm and end at 6.50pm
and rush home and ready at 7pm go fetch friend to attend a very important event to me..
but everything turn into disaster~!!

my friend waited me till angry and go back home..
so we missed my important event!!TT
and I'm sorry Mr J

other thing is the volleyball competition~!!
most of my teammate was a first time player..
so end up lose the game..
is OK to lose..i don't mind~

cause i join just to play play~~and to get back the competition feeling..
but, cause of the problem of the
SSSH senior thingy..
it make my team lose till look like clown!!
so embarrassing~TT
make me no mood play~!!miss every ball tacking..
even serve also wrong!!
HATE IT~!!!!!!

the last thing and also the thing i HATE the most!!
that is a fellow named as A..
A told me something about B and C spreading some ridiculous news
i thought it was real so i scolded B and C..
lucky they don't mind cause they know A was a guy that like to joke~
but what A does make me not so HAPPY~!!
cause what i did was misunderstand so i scolded them, and they angry i will lost 2friend~
i think you won't understand what i mean~~
never mind

so Mr A~if u got see this post..
and I'm sorry to scold u so rude just now..
cause i have a bad mood today...

and also~ sorry to B and C!!

1 more thing that i already realize since i also forgot when~!!
that my college gang..
i think something will happen sooner or later~~!!
i wish everything back to the 1st month of college life..
it was happier then now~and not so difficult to communicate~~TT
and no conflict between us~~i think many of you realize also..
i don't wish to see terrible argument happen~~

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