Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm BACK~!!

11:24 AM 2
quite many thing i have done~
and i did not post a proper blog post..
please forgive me, cause I'm sick~~!!!!

okay~reverse back to the past and make everything short as possible ar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~=)


on 22nd of August 09, it was Tarc co-curriculum day~!!
and I'm taking part in volleyball competition that day was fun,
cause our teammate was great and our cheerleader was hyperactive!!

so our team T1 lose for overall female/male and also cheerleader team~LOSE!!
but we never feel sad =)
at least we try our best to play and enjoy the game~

after everything and the medal was give out, prepare to go back~!!
opss~~not so fast~!!cause Melaka[one of our male player] say to Ruby[cheerleader captain]

"Ruby, you see la..cheerleader sure our T1 win"

Ruby:: "are you sure~!if we did not win, you naked and run volleyball court 1round"

and the result of cause lose~!!
so he have to run naked!!
but he did not..
but we force him to half naked~!!
as photo below..XD
if was fun, everyone like mad..
we also take family picture~~^^



~~~that day i was sick, have headache~!!whole day when in middle of competition
and raining,have to run under the rain to canteen~!!
at the night the fever found me~=="
excitedly shouting our T1 slogan~!!
SPOT the different??~XD


23rd of August 09,Sunday
wake up early to go KLCC, not for shopping~~!!
go work tired,
and i just recover from my fever less then 5hours=="

work in Popular book till half dying~!!

imagine, u standing there whole day and only break for 1hours~!!

so tired, and cold~

and fever attack me AGAIN~!!
when reach home at 11pm++ i change my clothe and straight away sleep~

my uniform~!!
I'm working for Spritzer, we only sell tinge and Pop
if u when to book fair~remember come buy your drink from me~~XD
Munchy's~bought at the book fair~!!
damn cheap~Rm10 for 1pack..
inside got Music, Mini, Romeo, Lexus, Oat Krunch and Captain Munch~!!^^
book fair is on till 31st of August~


24 August 09,Monday~
my fever getting worse~~~!!!i lost my energy~
lucky my sis is back from Puchong..
she bought me to clinic Chew at Wangsa~
i was check by a female doctor,Dr Lim~
she say my fever was high~38.7
was she say was HORRIBLE~!!!
she told me if tomorrow morning my fever have recover i have to go back to her clinic and have a H1N1 check up~!!TT
the check up cos Rm40 and H1N1 medicine Rm80~!!EXPENSIVE
lucky, i when home and eat my breakfast and have my medicine and sleep~
my fever gone~~^^
but still very tired......continue sleep till the night~~~
although my fever gone, my throat still pain and i still coughing like dying till today~=="
and today was Thursday~!!
my breakfast pork mee soup, i only ate 4-5 bite and no appetite~=="
whole bowl wasted~
this what my mum cook~
pork 'usus'--picture look disgusting but tasty~~
i HATE MEDICINE~especially the liquid one~!!
feel like vomiting after drink~!!

my SICK face~!!


25 August 09,Tuesday
i still coughing like hell~!!can't eat talking nicely~!!
and Doreamon keep saying my voice damn SEXY=="
that day is our U4 badminton section~^^
this time more then our normal gang~we got 9peoples
Doreamon book 2court 10am-1pm/11am-1pm
girls~ me,Evon,XueYi,Jane
it was fun~!!
so exhausted but refreshing after sweat~~
2court need to wait for turn to play, it was fun~~!!!!

mix double~~me/Fei vs Jane/Shaun~!!
everyone enjoying~~^^

after badminton~we decide to go Mcdonald have our lunch
but MU Mcdonald FULL~!!!
so change place to Carrefour Mcdonald..
when we reach there and i was searching for parking~~
and i saw a parking so i reverse very fast cause no car at back of me..
and i worry other car will come..

while i reversing, it just happen in few second~~~
BINNNNNNNN sound came from my back and BANGGGGGGGGGGG!!
my car butt kissed a Kelisa马来猪 eye[signer light]~!!SHIT~!!
his Kelisa blinded 1 eye and bumble a bit hanging
my Waja butt a bit K ying like lost a meat d~~XD

okay~my wrong cause did not give signal..
马来猪 also blind ge~!!can't you see my reverse light?bang already only hon..
what the point??even blaming everything to me~!!YOU ARE DAMN IDIOT~!!
your boyfriend are so 胆小鬼 so PENAKUT~!!
scare untill can't even talk~!!
you PK mouth big ass small skinny马来猪婆
so damn noisy~!!blaming a "innocent girl"!~~XD
wish u kiss other peoples butt once again after u fix your bumble~!!
and not only you signer light broken is your whole bumble come out~!!!

what to do~!?i can't go police station cause my car did not stick P
and that FUCKING 马来猪婆 thought i underage~no license~!!
walao~still dare ask me got license or not~!!really feel so angry and wanted to throw my license to her ugly big face~!!*

马来猪婆 even though i look like KIDS doesn't mean i not 18~!!YOU BITCH~!!

spend more then half an hour quarreled with that BITCH make us missed our lunch~!!
my dad say don't argue with them, make their
"blinded EYES" cos not more then RM100
let them go to uncle Ming workshop and my dad pay =="~!!
i actually so damn dissatisfy lo~~why i need to pay fix for your car~!!
then who pay for mine~!!my car also got damage~!!
maybe my dad don't mind cause the car already have many scar made by my 2elder sis~~XD
have a unperfect face~=="
2pm+ only eat~!!
this how little my car butt damage~~XD

end of my sicky day poat~!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Im SIck~!!

3:03 AM 5
my dear friends and all reader~~!!

I'm sick for 3 days~~
so i did not online and update my blog..^^"
will update soon..wait me~

and my final exam coming very very soon~!!
so i will seldom update my blog too~!!TT

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Graffiti Submission!!

12:17 AM 7
today was a big day for DML1 cause is our submission for graffiti~~^^
it was our hardest assignment of all~~!!!!!X.X
look~how our DML cooperation to help each other to hang up the graffiti before Pn Nik came~
everyone was so excited lo..+a bit pek cek of Pn Nik,
cause she late 20minute make us wait till like bathing, all wet of sweat~!!

Pn Nik also bring another lecturer to help her in giving marks and comment~
her English was so American..when it time for us to explain our graffiti i was quite nervous..=="
cause she speak American English~!!=( but lucky Tris haven when home~!!
i quickly call her back~~XDpaiseh**memalukan la..!!
i think every DML1 student was so suffer doing this assignment, but also enjoying it~^^
cause i quite enjoy the process of rushing le..

haix~!!final exam COMING~!!!
I'm so worry i will fail my the only three subject that have EXAM~!!
especially the Introduction to Art~Mr Tan Tey guan subject..
cause too many Art name and artist~~I CAN'T MEMORIES!!!
feel so stress ar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
don't know how to study lo..=(
3rd September 09-my end of it~!!final exam~~TT

tomorrow still got cocurriculum competition~~~
wish me win~~!!okay~?=)

anyway, have a look at the picture below~^^

this picture KaiZai look very uncle~!!funny lo~~

this is other class art~

Jeff,Fei,Meng and Jason art~

Chipmunk,ZuZhin,Joshua,Kevin and Shaun

other group from U1

after submission and know our marks..
still have time before HE lecture,
so decide to go Time Square SingK but no time..=="
so when to Food & Tea have our breakfast
then go shopping awhile, and i bought a
new shoe~
erm..i think called as slipper more suitable la~~XD
then we go back at 4pm..and we was late to HE..
end up, did not attend=="
and when to
snooker awhile~~~~~!!!!
GK gang addict to snooker d~~~=( * waste $$

my honey peach tea~~YumMy*****

u guys sure curious where is my graffiti~~^^
this is it~!!!
my group got 66marks!!TT*sad
MunYi group got 68~highest in our class~~
DML highest is from U3 AGAIN~!!75 if im not wrong~=="
and also my new shoe or slipper~~=)

~~~night night~~~
another tired day


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Decide Later~

12:29 AM 2
19August09 -Wednesday-

when to Sunway with Dx..
go ice skating awhile~
then go watch movie, Harry Potter~
not what i expected laa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HATE!!!
ranking~ ** 2/5
i suggestion people have watch~better don't waste money go watch lo~!!

then, nothing do d~
after movie already 9pm..
decide go cheras pasar malam, but reach there 10pm
then something happen become 11pm~
so tak mau pergi jo~~~~!! =(

when home lo~~THE END~~

still got news, he decide not to think bout the problem first
we think final decision will make after his holidays^^


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

aduii~counseling Pulak=="

1:54 AM 0
I'm a bit of lazy to type long long~
is all about the
counseling student of tarc..
no manners, and studying counseling..

oppsss~~maybe I'm to kepoh..
and my blog maybe will spam with foul word by
counseling student
when they found my blog~
I'm promoting their rudeness~~XD
U3 just always have news and like to excited thing happen~
wish my U4 will happen something like that~=D

want to know more bout it~
just click here~ Leon blog~
and other two U3 blog, Bryan and Pam


below was picture taken on Monday~
it was a picture for Bryn assignment 4~
T-shirt combination~^^
submitted Tuesday~~feel free a bit
Wednesday submit Conceptual~!!=="
got problem with it~never mind..everything will be fine~TT
then follow on Nik and TTG then~
I'M FREE~!!but final exam coming~X.X"

Good Night Blogger



12:47 AM 0
10% done~==
other group~U7
**GUESS who sleeping~~=D
Evon~Shern Thanks
[he did not do anything, cause he don't kno do what. but he bought use some drink~!!]

18August09 -Tuesday-
this morning go to TTG class
then volleyball practice~!!s
o tired
cause did not have enough sleep,
today practice no energy~=="

then, the T1 guys team say want verse us!?@@
so 明显 want bully us!!!

but lucky our pretty 师姐 help us~

she set a rule that guys are not allow to jump spiking or jump serving..
must use low serving!
it quite a nice match~^^
and i hurt my neck while i trying to save a ball!!
damn pain~扭到 / terseliuh / twisted d!!

but lucky not very serious,
and the pain awhile only~Phew*
if not sure Saturday no need competition and work jo~=="
then go back home bath,
2pm at college hall do our graffiti!!

so hard~not easy..
need to think which must apply color 1st and what color should apply~
later this not suit this color~!!FRUSTRATED~~~~~
but at least we done 30%..=="
not very pround!!!

when we decide to go home, guess what!!!?
heavy rain~!!and the rain not dropping from up to down.
it was like flying water~=="
from left to right~~now you can imagine how heavy is it~right?

and i was wet~!!but it was quite refreshing..
if today i go back by bus with Leon and KaiXian i sure play under the rain~

at least i like the rain~!!
but not that heavy la~
it look terrible, horrible and vegetable~XD
**[a script from I'm not Stupid 1] if I'm not wrong la~

must call Kx ,Leon they all find a day which is rain go swimming pool play feel want to play with rain~^^

got home, fast fast take bath..scare fever~
but fever also good~can take a rest..haix~
then Evon came to my house to rush Conceptual~
and me make it~and rush to photo shop to wash out the photo..
but close and the machine SPOIL~!!bad luck!!@#$%&^*()
so force to call Tris use printer print lo=="

then when to dinner with Leon and Kx,
Leon appetite very good~eat twice=="
owh ya~Leon yellow mouse which i always call Xian R.I.P jo~TT
let a stupid cat bite~this morning was the second incident d..
the brown mouse Kai survive, but Leon say blind jo~~pity!!
and Leon this morning wake up saw the cat and fight with the cat~XD
and the cat scratch his hand~and left some scar jo~

after dinner, Kx say want go snooker..

then go lo..cause long time didn't play d~
very happy, fun and also funny
i think both of them can say is my best friend d
almost always do/rush assignment, eat, go out and play together..

then when i got home
sitting in front of my computer my feeling and mood suddenly change~~

suddenly mood like 不对劲 like want cry..
don't know how express the feeling~=(

don't think so much d~
tomorrow will be a brighter day~RIGHT!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


1:54 AM 0
i having my Maggi now..
and my Maggi is tasteless~!!feel like vomiting~

不想睡..didn't have the mood to sleep~!!
tomorrow still got volleyball practice!!
and after that need do 3M graffiti~~~~~
and attend Bryn lecture to submit assignment~
wednesday pass up Chow assignemnt!!
not enough time to do~X(

my Wednesday after school plan~HAIX
become dream d..plan so MUCH for what!!STUPID~
Saturday volleyball competition~+U+U

Sunday work~!!Tired!!
but rm100, worth hor?work/busy can forgot everything~

Monday, August 17, 2009


7:10 PM 2

thought in 10days i should be very happy,
but look like it does not become what i think it should be.
everything was happen oppositely~
first time feel so ~!!
do you try before,
when crying at the same time you are laugh or smiling like an IDIOT~

when listening song which is so nice and is your favor song, but your tears are dropping.
and while you are so hungry, was eating and so enjoying your food..
and a news came to you, your food taste so tasteless and your hunger have lost~
it make u want to stop eating, but u just can't stop~!!

thing can start very fast~it also can stop faster then you think~
you should appreciate every second you left~!!not to wasted it

**black cloud won't stay with you forever~!!
it will go away~ **SLAP*SLAP~~
wake up from your fairy tales dream~it just a dream~
wake up and everything will back to normal~everything will be fine~

and sorry Kevin, i in a very bad mood..
just now I'm not sengaja to scold u~

this is what i want to say,
end of my post~

he is BACK~!!

12:33 AM 2
he is HOME~~^^
he back for 2weeks holidays
he came back on Thursday - 13August09 -
and have his dinner with his family..
1st day back of cause belong to his family~

then Friday when to find him~~^^
at night he came find me at Genting Kelang
Saturday morning breakfast with him at Station1..
then at night when to Movie with him~
watched 2movie~The proposal nice movie!!go watch..
and also Transformer ,my 2nd time~never mind la..
he want to watch..

after movie, go Steven Corner eat something cause too late d..
no more other food to eat only mamak or fast food~=="
have some argument~OKAY, skip that part~!!
then when home..that's all~

happy to see him back,
but something sure happen when we meet~

Sunday, August 16, 2009

new hair~SO BUDAK!!TT

10:45 PM 2
this is my lastest and current hair style~~!!!damn sad d!!
she cut till so short!!and the back so damn straight~~
now i'm 18 but look so 16 or 12years old~~
go out also worry people laugh at me~!!TT
really don't feel like going out~and showing my bad hair cut!
wanted to hide my head with a plastic bag~~~~~~
so UGLY~~wish fast fast grow long~!!

after cut~Friday~

this is the back~~~TT
every time saw also want to cry~!!

15AUGUST09~before go out with 宝贝翔
this morning~
some friends was complaining why i did not post up my latest hairstyles~
so i simply take some picture lo~
not so in mood..== picture also so ugly~!!



3:58 PM 0
picture of 2nd August~
Rong哥 birthday~~just got it from ShaoHong~
eating steamboat at Hometown restaurant..

this was a video~showing nothing~
u can don't watch it..=="