Friday, August 7, 2009



i was so lazy to blogging d~~
but i just can't let my blog die..=="
below was the picture that me n some of
my most best secondary friends and also Sasah, when to Sg Wang sing k~
got me, Sarah, Herng, Louis, Mun, Jing and Bert
is to early celebrate Bert 18th Birthday~~=)
his officially birth was 3rd August

nothing special la..but it was fun!!
long time did not have this kind of fun d..
it kinda special memories~^^

lazy write long long d..~XD
so enjoy the picture i have uploaded lo~~
picture tell you everything~~XD

after sing K with my old best friends..
i when home early by bus to gentink Kelang~
cause that day was Rong birthday~~^^

we go steamboat at Hometown~
there got porridge as soup le..~de porridge very nice 1~
but de flame was to strong so..if became hangus jo~=="
but Rong say very nice~smell so good~!!
Choi more funny cause he only eat fish ball or meatball..
he don't eat vege or meat~
but every time he put the food in the pot awhile will eaten by us~~~

got the picture also~but it with KaiXian~
so need wait him give me back the pen drive~!!
i will post up dit when i got it back~~^^


♥ Jace ♥ said...

haiz... long time didn sing k already
T___T shuang la u...

Carolinelzt said...

yala..long time no sing~!!
always study n assignment only~~