Wednesday, August 19, 2009


aduii~counseling Pulak=="

I'm a bit of lazy to type long long~
is all about the
counseling student of tarc..
no manners, and studying counseling..

oppsss~~maybe I'm to kepoh..
and my blog maybe will spam with foul word by
counseling student
when they found my blog~
I'm promoting their rudeness~~XD
U3 just always have news and like to excited thing happen~
wish my U4 will happen something like that~=D

want to know more bout it~
just click here~ Leon blog~
and other two U3 blog, Bryan and Pam


below was picture taken on Monday~
it was a picture for Bryn assignment 4~
T-shirt combination~^^
submitted Tuesday~~feel free a bit
Wednesday submit Conceptual~!!=="
got problem with it~never mind..everything will be fine~TT
then follow on Nik and TTG then~
I'M FREE~!!but final exam coming~X.X"

Good Night Blogger

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