Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Art Gallery


HE presentation for Trista and Jon group..
and also Jeff SOLO day~~!!kakakakaka
so must go d...go see how he SOLO~~
his pant was like=="..don't know how to say about it..
it so obvious that was not his pant..
cause it was so long and damn big lo~look very very funny

Trista group all was so good and they have already well prepare
got some still will tremble la..but still pass it successfully^^
Jon group also quite good~~and Jason was so funny in his presentation~
and his transparency many typing error and sentence error~XD
Pn Ina also quite like their presentation too~CONGRAT!

Pn Ina like Trista group cause they presented very good
there also some picture of him and other group presentation..

this was so funny~i can't stop myself to upload it~~


before HE class,
my TTG group, Kevin group and MunYi group when to pasar seni
to visit a Art Gallery~for TTG assignment~=="
it was so boring..
but on the way take picture again lo..hahahah~~
enjoy the picture~~~!!^^

seriously i don't know what is Jason doing lo~~=="
maybe the light attract him very very much la~~

U6 member also when to the same place as us~~^^

lastly~~~end with the group picture~~~
it also our Art gallery visit end with this family picture~~
ahahaha~~not all U4 are here..
if all are here more nice~~~=(
next post will be only picture~~^^
maybe with caption lo~XD [LAZY]

happy day~^^

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