Friday, August 14, 2009


Cute~Cuppy Cake Boy

this was amazing~serious!!
Strawberry Cup Cake~
lipsync-ing by Chubby Cuppy Cake Boy~
he is so CUTE~!!so chubby~
his lipsync-ing perfectly~~and look at his eyebrows at the end~XD
you will really enjoy this~^^

His is so Cute,But do you really know his background~!!
i guarantee most of u will tears drop after you see this~
he was not fat like this~
he overweight because of medical~TT
poor little Sam,he just 9years old~
don't ever laugh at fat people~don't boycott fat people~
be friend with them, their are as normal as everyone~~^^


guess what~?
she just 6years old~and she is in the 'Britain's Got Talents Show'
her name is Connie Talbot~her singing was so touching
she look so sweet~and cute.
DO YOU HEARD WHAT SIMON SAY~!!it was touching when he say YES~!!

she did not won~
but she got her own ALBUM~~this is a comment from other people~
*she sang the same number of songs in BGT as any other contestant who reached the final, she sang MJ's "Ben" in the semi final. And she's released 2 albums (each album has at least 10 songs each) for which she has been awarded 5 gold discs and 3 platinum discs, so I'm guessing she can sing a LOT more than one song
her voice was so sweet!!
her voice make everyone tears drop~EVEN Amanda~
she is so amazing~^^Love Connie Talbot, all the BEST~^^
to watch more of Connie singing~press the link~~


-lu yi- said...

strongly agree wat cuppy cake boy mentioned.. [never judge by its cover b4 u know them well..]
hopefully he'll get well n be a healthy boy soon~

Carolinelzt said...

he is so cute is it~~!?
yup~~*pray for him~*

-lu yi- said...

yeah.. he's very cute ler..
yeah~~~~ pray hard..

Carolinelzt said...