Thursday, August 20, 2009


Decide Later~

19August09 -Wednesday-

when to Sunway with Dx..
go ice skating awhile~
then go watch movie, Harry Potter~
not what i expected laa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HATE!!!
ranking~ ** 2/5
i suggestion people have watch~better don't waste money go watch lo~!!

then, nothing do d~
after movie already 9pm..
decide go cheras pasar malam, but reach there 10pm
then something happen become 11pm~
so tak mau pergi jo~~~~!! =(

when home lo~~THE END~~

still got news, he decide not to think bout the problem first
we think final decision will make after his holidays^^



Leon said...


different of ppl views bah..

im rate it 9/10 for harry potter,
mayb u dun understand what it say, cuz u didnt read the books... if u say it not worth to watch, how come Harry Potter ady in the top movie inthe world of 2009??

Carolinelzt said...

aduii~~u don't un what i mean~!!
his book is famous~ and i agree that his story was perfect till i expect the movie will very SYOK~and attract me to watch it so much~!!

mana tau it was zadao~~+he still got next part d~~
i thnk maybe his next part will more nice lo~~expect to be very very nice~!!