Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Dota king = JasonLim

today was someone 18th BIRTHDAY lo~~~
OUR u4 Dota King = JasonLim~!!
officially 18!!and also crispy~XD

we organised a very surprising birthday for hiM~!
say thank you to us~!!
and sorry make you wait so so long at the garden~~
we damn jealous lo..hiding and saw you guys buy ice-cream..=="

anyway, Doremi and Doreamon plan successfully DONE~!!
we put many many effort in to give you a surprise celebration~
Jason:: "satisfy??"

today was funny~!!so many people celebrate for him~!!
and we play water balloon and cake!!!
most of the people was dirt with chocolate cake~!
Jason*thank to my good job!chocolate cake BOOM!!hahaha
JasonLiew*me again, neck creamy dirty cake!
Fei*me!!not sure where i hit him~!=="
Caroline-me*Fei, did not think of Fei aiming so good!!he aim my head, all cream and cake stick to my hair!!!!arRG~
and some was wet like hell!!*me=="..thank to JANE!!
no worry~Jane don't let me know when is yours birthday
i will prepare a good celebration for you~and only for you!!

then we finish our 90 water balloon we go to Shaun house to EAT CAKE~!!
it was blueberry cheese, i bought it~!!damn nice~YumMy
all eat using spoon and the cake become very disgusting but still taste so delicious~!
then i wash my hair~!so refreshing after wash!!haha

after cleaning i suggest go LIMTEH~!!
they say go Feeling Cafe~so nice and EXPENSIVE
but still very fun~~happy memories with my classmates~^^~
then all go back luu~~

*****next victim will be whose?
extra careful
so no want will know when yours birthday~~XD

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