Saturday, August 22, 2009


Graffiti Submission!!

today was a big day for DML1 cause is our submission for graffiti~~^^
it was our hardest assignment of all~~!!!!!X.X
look~how our DML cooperation to help each other to hang up the graffiti before Pn Nik came~
everyone was so excited lo..+a bit pek cek of Pn Nik,
cause she late 20minute make us wait till like bathing, all wet of sweat~!!

Pn Nik also bring another lecturer to help her in giving marks and comment~
her English was so American..when it time for us to explain our graffiti i was quite nervous..=="
cause she speak American English~!!=( but lucky Tris haven when home~!!
i quickly call her back~~XDpaiseh**memalukan la..!!
i think every DML1 student was so suffer doing this assignment, but also enjoying it~^^
cause i quite enjoy the process of rushing le..

haix~!!final exam COMING~!!!
I'm so worry i will fail my the only three subject that have EXAM~!!
especially the Introduction to Art~Mr Tan Tey guan subject..
cause too many Art name and artist~~I CAN'T MEMORIES!!!
feel so stress ar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
don't know how to study lo..=(
3rd September 09-my end of it~!!final exam~~TT

tomorrow still got cocurriculum competition~~~
wish me win~~!!okay~?=)

anyway, have a look at the picture below~^^

this picture KaiZai look very uncle~!!funny lo~~

this is other class art~

Jeff,Fei,Meng and Jason art~

Chipmunk,ZuZhin,Joshua,Kevin and Shaun

other group from U1

after submission and know our marks..
still have time before HE lecture,
so decide to go Time Square SingK but no time..=="
so when to Food & Tea have our breakfast
then go shopping awhile, and i bought a
new shoe~
erm..i think called as slipper more suitable la~~XD
then we go back at 4pm..and we was late to HE..
end up, did not attend=="
and when to
snooker awhile~~~~~!!!!
GK gang addict to snooker d~~~=( * waste $$

my honey peach tea~~YumMy*****

u guys sure curious where is my graffiti~~^^
this is it~!!!
my group got 66marks!!TT*sad
MunYi group got 68~highest in our class~~
DML highest is from U3 AGAIN~!!75 if im not wrong~=="
and also my new shoe or slipper~~=)

~~~night night~~~
another tired day


KaedE said...

yor.. suan lor..
didn't take my group de canvas photo... SUANNN!! hmmp!

~six~ said...

my group de oso~...
means not nice lor...=\

jk nia~ XD
hahaha~ =)


Carolinelzt said...

nola~i did not take all..
cause i saw joshua take d~
want call him send it to me~~><

KaedE said...

waa joshua use dlsr leh..!
ask him faster send!! XD

~six~ said...

tak kenal~ =\


Carolinelzt said...

but i din hv his msn..><

6::he is our classmate

~six~ said...

i see~