Monday, August 17, 2009


he is BACK~!!

he is HOME~~^^
he back for 2weeks holidays
he came back on Thursday - 13August09 -
and have his dinner with his family..
1st day back of cause belong to his family~

then Friday when to find him~~^^
at night he came find me at Genting Kelang
Saturday morning breakfast with him at Station1..
then at night when to Movie with him~
watched 2movie~The proposal nice movie!!go watch..
and also Transformer ,my 2nd time~never mind la..
he want to watch..

after movie, go Steven Corner eat something cause too late d..
no more other food to eat only mamak or fast food~=="
have some argument~OKAY, skip that part~!!
then when home..that's all~

happy to see him back,
but something sure happen when we meet~


-lu yi- said...

have a great time with him oh~* ^^

Carolinelzt said...