Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm BACK~!!

quite many thing i have done~
and i did not post a proper blog post..
please forgive me, cause I'm sick~~!!!!

okay~reverse back to the past and make everything short as possible ar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~=)


on 22nd of August 09, it was Tarc co-curriculum day~!!
and I'm taking part in volleyball competition that day was fun,
cause our teammate was great and our cheerleader was hyperactive!!

so our team T1 lose for overall female/male and also cheerleader team~LOSE!!
but we never feel sad =)
at least we try our best to play and enjoy the game~

after everything and the medal was give out, prepare to go back~!!
opss~~not so fast~!!cause Melaka[one of our male player] say to Ruby[cheerleader captain]

"Ruby, you see la..cheerleader sure our T1 win"

Ruby:: "are you sure~!if we did not win, you naked and run volleyball court 1round"

and the result of cause lose~!!
so he have to run naked!!
but he did not..
but we force him to half naked~!!
as photo below..XD
if was fun, everyone like mad..
we also take family picture~~^^



~~~that day i was sick, have headache~!!whole day when in middle of competition
and raining,have to run under the rain to canteen~!!
at the night the fever found me~=="
excitedly shouting our T1 slogan~!!
SPOT the different??~XD


23rd of August 09,Sunday
wake up early to go KLCC, not for shopping~~!!
go work tired,
and i just recover from my fever less then 5hours=="

work in Popular book till half dying~!!

imagine, u standing there whole day and only break for 1hours~!!

so tired, and cold~

and fever attack me AGAIN~!!
when reach home at 11pm++ i change my clothe and straight away sleep~

my uniform~!!
I'm working for Spritzer, we only sell tinge and Pop
if u when to book fair~remember come buy your drink from me~~XD
Munchy's~bought at the book fair~!!
damn cheap~Rm10 for 1pack..
inside got Music, Mini, Romeo, Lexus, Oat Krunch and Captain Munch~!!^^
book fair is on till 31st of August~


24 August 09,Monday~
my fever getting worse~~~!!!i lost my energy~
lucky my sis is back from Puchong..
she bought me to clinic Chew at Wangsa~
i was check by a female doctor,Dr Lim~
she say my fever was high~38.7
was she say was HORRIBLE~!!!
she told me if tomorrow morning my fever have recover i have to go back to her clinic and have a H1N1 check up~!!TT
the check up cos Rm40 and H1N1 medicine Rm80~!!EXPENSIVE
lucky, i when home and eat my breakfast and have my medicine and sleep~
my fever gone~~^^
but still very tired......continue sleep till the night~~~
although my fever gone, my throat still pain and i still coughing like dying till today~=="
and today was Thursday~!!
my breakfast pork mee soup, i only ate 4-5 bite and no appetite~=="
whole bowl wasted~
this what my mum cook~
pork 'usus'--picture look disgusting but tasty~~
i HATE MEDICINE~especially the liquid one~!!
feel like vomiting after drink~!!

my SICK face~!!


25 August 09,Tuesday
i still coughing like hell~!!can't eat talking nicely~!!
and Doreamon keep saying my voice damn SEXY=="
that day is our U4 badminton section~^^
this time more then our normal gang~we got 9peoples
Doreamon book 2court 10am-1pm/11am-1pm
girls~ me,Evon,XueYi,Jane
it was fun~!!
so exhausted but refreshing after sweat~~
2court need to wait for turn to play, it was fun~~!!!!

mix double~~me/Fei vs Jane/Shaun~!!
everyone enjoying~~^^

after badminton~we decide to go Mcdonald have our lunch
but MU Mcdonald FULL~!!!
so change place to Carrefour Mcdonald..
when we reach there and i was searching for parking~~
and i saw a parking so i reverse very fast cause no car at back of me..
and i worry other car will come..

while i reversing, it just happen in few second~~~
BINNNNNNNN sound came from my back and BANGGGGGGGGGGG!!
my car butt kissed a Kelisa马来猪 eye[signer light]~!!SHIT~!!
his Kelisa blinded 1 eye and bumble a bit hanging
my Waja butt a bit K ying like lost a meat d~~XD

okay~my wrong cause did not give signal..
马来猪 also blind ge~!!can't you see my reverse light?bang already only hon..
what the point??even blaming everything to me~!!YOU ARE DAMN IDIOT~!!
your boyfriend are so 胆小鬼 so PENAKUT~!!
scare untill can't even talk~!!
you PK mouth big ass small skinny马来猪婆
so damn noisy~!!blaming a "innocent girl"!~~XD
wish u kiss other peoples butt once again after u fix your bumble~!!
and not only you signer light broken is your whole bumble come out~!!!

what to do~!?i can't go police station cause my car did not stick P
and that FUCKING 马来猪婆 thought i underage~no license~!!
walao~still dare ask me got license or not~!!really feel so angry and wanted to throw my license to her ugly big face~!!*

马来猪婆 even though i look like KIDS doesn't mean i not 18~!!YOU BITCH~!!

spend more then half an hour quarreled with that BITCH make us missed our lunch~!!
my dad say don't argue with them, make their
"blinded EYES" cos not more then RM100
let them go to uncle Ming workshop and my dad pay =="~!!
i actually so damn dissatisfy lo~~why i need to pay fix for your car~!!
then who pay for mine~!!my car also got damage~!!
maybe my dad don't mind cause the car already have many scar made by my 2elder sis~~XD
have a unperfect face~=="
2pm+ only eat~!!
this how little my car butt damage~~XD

end of my sicky day poat~!!


KaedE said...

adui~! don't so gek dong! XD

Carolinelzt said...

lol~~can not le..
i say 1time want kick her 1 time~~><