Thursday, August 13, 2009


Jason surprise celebration

walao~~finally finish upload picture with the almost correct story line
picture seriously can tell you how crazy we play and how happy is JASON LIM~XD
actually still got many more picture and video~
picture if want to see more go to my facebook~
the facebook tagged is just at right side~^^
video~i haven get it, upload when i got it~~

look all so Frustrated waiting for us preparing for the surprise~~
Balloon~not enough!!
Happy Birthday Dota King Jason~

LOVE this picture~!!who capture this picture~!! ~~GET me 5** /\ so 'chun' le..

we are so dirty~!play the cake pick up from the floor!!

see~jason damn happy laugh till see teeth can not see eyes~!!
U4 family picture~~^^the Gang~!!
another!!look nicer?or just now better??

the girls~

the guys~
while everyone busy taking group picture~Evon curi tangkap=="

RANDOM picture after play with water and cake~^^

dirty Jason~~^^
with a happy smile and his DOTA cake

finish luu~~go back into the house for cake section!!YuMmy~~
all look so kesian~sit on the floor~~macam tak da rumah~~XD
buat apa~?@@

cut cake~~^^
cause we don't want to waste time for cutting and giving everyone 1by1
me~suggested to eat use spoon~!!
**DIG in!!

the extra haven finish it will be Shaun dinner~XD
=="~after i wash my hair.
which kena Doreamon BOOM!!**so refreshing~
after everything, LIMTEH Feeling Cafe

below was all random picture taken at Feeling Cafe~!!^^

GHOST!!with a long tongue hang out~~XD
pay bill~money~$$

this is the BILL~!!


KaedE said...
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KaedE said...

tat pic i took de! geng leh?? ^^*

Carolinelzt said...

lol~~geng la!!ahaha
so go timing~~

HIGH 5***!!!