Wednesday, August 12, 2009




when to badminton with Doreamon, Jeff, Shaun,JasonLiew and Meng
very normal la..after badminton when to YumCha..

then midnight when to McDonald do our graffiti~=="
2pm++ only got home~!

can you see?!
ta Da~~~!!
appreciate yours eraser before is too late~
cause it will jump into the chili sauce, commit suicide~XD



this week i go back Puchong..
already got 3weeks did not when back to Puchong on weekend==
so go back lo..+dad need day

at night AhPa bring ud go dinner at Puteri~
after dinner, there come a woman holding a basket selling
mang nga tong, is a tradisional sweet which make from homey~~^^
long time did not eat, nowaday very hard to find a really honey sweet~
most of it was make by sugar~!!

LOVE itt~!!^^
cam whoring below~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~xP

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