Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Long Time No see


the week i back Puchong~
i was so damn miss my Notti Family member, so i call most of them out
but all was busy about working!!so long no see their all still the same

only WeiLi and LuYi was free to come out with me~^^
never mind least i still can meet both of them~
we when to iOi Mall new open Redbox to singK since i got the 30% discount for whole bill~~XD
so fun lo~~3 so 38 d~~^^
and we eat many lo!!immediately become fat jo~=="

then when to GSC to watch a movie~
we watch 009 not very logic movie~it was a comedy!!
if u want to laugh out loud~!!this movie suitable lo..
if was funny from the starting d^^"

after movie nothing to do..
i know that Reno work till 7pm so i go find him to YumCha lo~
very very very long did not saw them, so miss them^^
but at the end only Reno and YangWaiLi came..other did not appear at all!!
before back Reno give me a warm hug~!!
his my greatest 哥哥, always will think of me,wherever he go~^^~
all business man/lady=="
next time lo~~maybe will be on September =="
so hard to date them, macam need appointment aja!!

no bla bla bla-ing la..
let the picture tell you how happy 3 of us play till~~XD

this was only 1/4 of what we eat, i think~XD

okay~i doing the 38 face again~=="
RedBox toilet~
toilet is the favourite place for girls to cam whoring~^^
i love this picture~but very BLUR~!!

LuYi~look so fake expression~

ioi new wing toilet~~XD
an Example of take a whole body picture for WeiLi~
hahaha~~Caroline love to take different kind of picture~!!
what also can play, this only is the real CAro~~!XD

dua orang so busy talking, did not realize I'm capture them~
What girls do in toilet so long~~XD

still have picture ge~~just have to wait~
cause Miss Lui did not upload~=="'
乌龟婆~fast UPLOAD!!


-lu yi- said...

luckily i now become worm at home.. if not left wei li with u.. haha..
got a bro who will think of u at most times..appreciate.. kaka..
waitin for da next outin with u all~~~~~~~~~~~

Carolinelzt said...

lol~~yala..worm po!!
appreciate him la..
i also always rmb him d~!

-lu yi- said...

wah.. fish po fish become worm po.. i apa animal pun sama meh?
good lo.. good bro + good sis.. lolx..

Carolinelzt said...

loL~~me good in create animal name~^^
me gt the talent of create pelik nick 4 ppl=="
my college friends also let me create many~~XD