Sunday, August 16, 2009


new hair~SO BUDAK!!TT

this is my lastest and current hair style~~!!!damn sad d!!
she cut till so short!!and the back so damn straight~~
now i'm 18 but look so 16 or 12years old~~
go out also worry people laugh at me~!!TT
really don't feel like going out~and showing my bad hair cut!
wanted to hide my head with a plastic bag~~~~~~
so UGLY~~wish fast fast grow long~!!

after cut~Friday~

this is the back~~~TT
every time saw also want to cry~!!

15AUGUST09~before go out with 宝贝翔
this morning~
some friends was complaining why i did not post up my latest hairstyles~
so i simply take some picture lo~
not so in mood..== picture also so ugly~!!


-lu yi- said...

pray hard~! haha.. will grow long soon...

Carolinelzt said...

i also wish~fast grow