Friday, August 14, 2009



this Nuffnang advert thingy i already added at my blog page since i don't when la..
and i found i did not earn any money lo~~=="
so i stopped to check it website..
just i was so boring and have nothing to do..
so i go and check see any different lo~~and i found out that,
the Celcom SOX have put advert using my blog page and guess what~??!

i finally earn money from Nuffnang..
but only Rm0.65~~hahahahaahahah=="
anyway, i don't care..i just put see is this Nuffnang advert really can earn money~~^^
tested~yes it does~XD


at this evening, MengZai told me a damn bad news~!!
also something that ANNOY me~!!no idea what to do..=="
cause today the whole day i have skipped classes!!SHIT
I'm a bad student~TT

this morning i wake at 9am, and i slept know why~?
cause i was so BLUR thought is Tuesday so my class start at 9am
so i thought i late so sleep back~!!
then, 30minute later Catherine-my sis- came in and say
"wei, you don't want go school ar? 9.30am lo~!!"
then i wake awhile and think deeply and realize today was Thursday!!OMG~
my class was 9.30am not 9am~!!now i really late d..
no choice continue sleep lo~XD

then, Trista called me to go school to do our group assignment.
and i thought they wanted to do Graffiti~
and i when there and realize not do that~!!
they wanted to do Conceptual assignment=="
and i did not bring any of the Conceptual thing~!!
lucky, cause of my laziness..
yesterday i did not take down my stuff and it still in my car~!!^^

then at 3pm got HE class..cause of my laziness AGAIN~
i did not attend and skipped for 2nd time~!!
as i say earlier MengZai told me this
" Pn Lina say 2 times did not attend HE class tomorrow please go find her "
so should i go~??

Jeff and Shaun not going~
Fei and Jason still wondering should or should not~
me~~not really wanted to go~!!!cause don't want to lie her!!
is sinning!!=="

but don't see her will deduct assignment and presentation 5marks wo~!!

force people to see her~!!
but maybe not going met her~~SORRY PN INA

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