Monday, August 17, 2009



thought in 10days i should be very happy,
but look like it does not become what i think it should be.
everything was happen oppositely~
first time feel so ~!!
do you try before,
when crying at the same time you are laugh or smiling like an IDIOT~

when listening song which is so nice and is your favor song, but your tears are dropping.
and while you are so hungry, was eating and so enjoying your food..
and a news came to you, your food taste so tasteless and your hunger have lost~
it make u want to stop eating, but u just can't stop~!!

thing can start very fast~it also can stop faster then you think~
you should appreciate every second you left~!!not to wasted it

**black cloud won't stay with you forever~!!
it will go away~ **SLAP*SLAP~~
wake up from your fairy tales dream~it just a dream~
wake up and everything will back to normal~everything will be fine~

and sorry Kevin, i in a very bad mood..
just now I'm not sengaja to scold u~

this is what i want to say,
end of my post~


-lu yi- said...

caroline, feel free to tell me if u nid a listener..

Carolinelzt said...