Wednesday, August 5, 2009



recently i very lazy to update blog d..
cause of many assignment have to do=="
so i will randomly post what i do and go recently on the next post~~

today weather damn nice lo..RAINING~~~!!!
sleeping feeling, sleepy wind, sleep environment..
make me get home wet wet~
so unlucky~today pass up shirt design..
i forgot bring assignment criteria is was 10marks..
but lucky Bryn very good~~^^
tomorrow show him before 2pm.

just now rain very heavy~
and i take bus go home..reach Genting Kelang still have to walk a distance..
lucky i go home with Jason~
he lend me his umbrella~~^^
and he go home in the rain~
**so gentlemen hor~~can't believe loL**

I'm so tired~!!
cause Monday did not sleep for 36hours ++ cause need rush Pn Nik assignment~~=="
yesterday pass it up d~~and i got 40/50
so happy~first time get grade 1~~^^
and our class was the class which got the good result of all for this assignment~~^^

before Pn Nik tutorial i when to volleyball practise~~so sleepy lo..
from 9am-11am, then 2pm when for Pn Nik tutorial to pass up assignment
after Pn Nik 3pm when to replacement volleyball to take my spiking exam~
so damn tired and sleepy,and today when to volleyball practis twice!!
plus did not sleep for whole day
i also worry i will pengsan~Leon thought i will pengsan~XD

my Digging exam i got 19/30 *GOOD
spiking 15.5/30 * JUST PASS =="
next week will be volleyball theory exam~!!have to memories something~~

then finish everything~thought can go back home sleep till tomorrow morning go Bryn class
suddenly remember my T-shirt design haven finish~
have to finish it up only can go sleep~X(
if it up at 11++pm and thanks to Trista cause wait my design m help me print it out~~
at 12am decide to sleep suddenly my 宝贝翔 online..
so chat with him till 2am+ only go sleep^^"
today 7.20am wake up d..!!
so tired~whole day also like zombie~!!yesterday also~!!

just now at Conceptual class my friends ask
"Caro~you today got problem ar? so active d"
"Caro~sot jo ar"
"Caro~why suddenly so many thing say d"
"why today you so different jo"
I'm so different meh??
what i did wo..??i normal not like this d meh?
why normally i very mature d ar?
maybe cause my collage friends never see before PLAYFUL Caro~~^^"
you guys will biasa d~no worry~XD

okay~end here la..I'm damn sleepy jo!!
have to nap awhile~!!
later 4pm go badminton with FEi^^
later no mood play no good!!waste time and money only~
other recently picture and post will be update tonight~
so guys and my beloved buddy and 姐妹 sabar lo~~^^


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