Friday, August 14, 2009


WAR~!!U3 and U7 !?

i was blog hopping into my friend Leon blog and saw some thing damn interesting lo~~
it was a war between the 2 most active class in DML1~XD
hmm~~it was happen when U3 have to replace their HE class in U7 class
and U7 people was so angry and say something rude to U3 people~
seriously it was not U3 fault~
***U3 also forced to combine class with U4 on Tuesday.
for Nik class~~cause of the FAT ASS laziness!!XD
their don't want it to be like that also~
cause Pn Ina daughter was sick and was suspected as H1N1~
so she have to take a leave at the U3 HE class!!
don't mind so much la..but seriously U7 say something quite OVER also~=="
very not nice to heard it~
we all are DML student also~~
no EYEs see~~xD

to know more detail kindly visit their blog lo^^~
U7-KaiLoon::: http//


when i hop till Leon blog and i heard this SONG~!!
from Jewelry, tonight!!i damn love this song~
it was the song in "200 Pounds Beauty" i find it so long
but can't~cause i don't know the name~~=="

the OSt of 200 pounds Beauty was Byul..
but tonight i heard before just can't remember where i heard~!!==


LoNeLy GiRl said...

u 误会 liao lor..
U7 not bu suang U3
just bu suang 老师在班上的教学方法
n hor..
we didnt say any rude words to them lo..
u say like this will 破坏我们的声誉叻~~=.=

Carolinelzt said...

i heard from my friend d..
they say U7 say them don't what jO~~
haix~~just a replacement class ad macam ini~~><

Leon said...

lol.... as i say on my blog... 100% real thing no lie~~ we all at there also... and i didnt say u7 got say rude word... just some word... who hear also will angry~
eh, and about de u4, i should not say u4, is one of the u4 student... yea ~~

wei and the jewelry oh... tonight not at 200 pound beauty la~~

200 pund beauty is Byul from Kim Ahjoong

Carolinelzt said...

ya meh~~
but i macam heard the lady sing at the concert d wo~~~><

my rude word mean something that are hard to listen~un?

-lu yi- said...

da song in 200 pounds beauty sounds somethin like 'maria~ hen ken maria..~~' lolx~*

Carolinelzt said...

ya meh~~
bt i remember she gt sing this d wo..
not meh~~@@

-lu yi- said...

i think no gua.. b-coz dont sounds familiar to me.. kaka..

Carolinelzt said...

then where i heard before~~~~!!!