Wednesday, August 19, 2009



10% done~==
other group~U7
**GUESS who sleeping~~=D
Evon~Shern Thanks
[he did not do anything, cause he don't kno do what. but he bought use some drink~!!]

18August09 -Tuesday-
this morning go to TTG class
then volleyball practice~!!s
o tired
cause did not have enough sleep,
today practice no energy~=="

then, the T1 guys team say want verse us!?@@
so 明显 want bully us!!!

but lucky our pretty 师姐 help us~

she set a rule that guys are not allow to jump spiking or jump serving..
must use low serving!
it quite a nice match~^^
and i hurt my neck while i trying to save a ball!!
damn pain~扭到 / terseliuh / twisted d!!

but lucky not very serious,
and the pain awhile only~Phew*
if not sure Saturday no need competition and work jo~=="
then go back home bath,
2pm at college hall do our graffiti!!

so hard~not easy..
need to think which must apply color 1st and what color should apply~
later this not suit this color~!!FRUSTRATED~~~~~
but at least we done 30%..=="
not very pround!!!

when we decide to go home, guess what!!!?
heavy rain~!!and the rain not dropping from up to down.
it was like flying water~=="
from left to right~~now you can imagine how heavy is it~right?

and i was wet~!!but it was quite refreshing..
if today i go back by bus with Leon and KaiXian i sure play under the rain~

at least i like the rain~!!
but not that heavy la~
it look terrible, horrible and vegetable~XD
**[a script from I'm not Stupid 1] if I'm not wrong la~

must call Kx ,Leon they all find a day which is rain go swimming pool play feel want to play with rain~^^

got home, fast fast take bath..scare fever~
but fever also good~can take a rest..haix~
then Evon came to my house to rush Conceptual~
and me make it~and rush to photo shop to wash out the photo..
but close and the machine SPOIL~!!bad luck!!@#$%&^*()
so force to call Tris use printer print lo=="

then when to dinner with Leon and Kx,
Leon appetite very good~eat twice=="
owh ya~Leon yellow mouse which i always call Xian R.I.P jo~TT
let a stupid cat bite~this morning was the second incident d..
the brown mouse Kai survive, but Leon say blind jo~~pity!!
and Leon this morning wake up saw the cat and fight with the cat~XD
and the cat scratch his hand~and left some scar jo~

after dinner, Kx say want go snooker..

then go lo..cause long time didn't play d~
very happy, fun and also funny
i think both of them can say is my best friend d
almost always do/rush assignment, eat, go out and play together..

then when i got home
sitting in front of my computer my feeling and mood suddenly change~~

suddenly mood like 不对劲 like want cry..
don't know how express the feeling~=(

don't think so much d~
tomorrow will be a brighter day~RIGHT!!

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