Sunday, September 27, 2009

1 more WEEK~

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1 more week before my 2nd sem start~
when holidays feel bored want to start school earlier
when my holidays end feel so lazy to go school~!!!!
this is human~~=="

but quite miss college friends~
and i saw our timetable d..
nice~!!Tuesday and Wednesday no class
6subject 5 are lecture so whole course mate study together~
1 is English
every subject 2hours only Tamadun Islam 1hour~^^
we got photography subject for 2nd sem
so need to use DSLR camera d=="
my house got 1, don't know what moder
don't can use or not~!?

got 2 days no need to go school~YEAH!!
wish 2nd sem no homework..XD

want to go out d~
have to take bus, cause no car at home=="
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Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two

1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.

3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them.

6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

7.. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

8. Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you.

9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful.

10. Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.

11. There's always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.

12. Make yourself a better person and know who you are before you try and know someone else and expect them to know you.

13. Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.

14. Be yourself, don't pretend to be other people so a man/woman will love you. Cause if he/she love who you are, and that what they want you to be.

緊記: 所有事也是因果循環的。

True friends: How many people actually have 8 true friends?
真正朋友: 有幾多人有八位真正的朋友?

Hardly anyone I know ! But some of us have all right friends and good friends!!!
我幾乎不認識這些人! 但在我們當中有些人全有對和好的朋友!!!

Being happy is the priority of living,If u wanna be sad,Be sad 4 something that's worth it.

this i got it from one of my Notti Family blog~
after i read i think this is so meaningful
so i take and re-posted on my blog
actually there are few i think is so right
1, 2, 3, 10 and 12~
after you read this passage i think you will realize there are a sentence which without Chinese
cause it was my word~LOL
this is what i always think and i also remind myself not to try being other
be myself is good~and i wish people or him to love me as who I am~
and pretend is suffering~!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't Know~Don't Know~

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don't know~ don't know what all this
or maybe is don't understand gua..
sometime it look like just a dream
sometime realize it wasn't
hmm~ in a week to think everything, clean up everything, rearrange something i mess up or do something he won't hate

HAIX~~rubbish rubbish..
don't know what am I talking about...=="
don't care la~****
i should give myself a break..or a change to think properly what i really want


yesterday when to Avenue K with LuYi..
to do face wash^^
we got free treatment from his brother~
the voucher is from Kanebo, MJ all beauty
hmm~their service not bad, they did not treat us bad or no manner although we just teenage~xD
i like the warm towel, face steamer and the moisture mask the most~
hate the part she help me clean black pore and pimples~!!cause very PAIN!!
she use the thingy POKE my face~~~~~~arG!!!!

cause my skin very sensitive so after she clean my face my face look like let mosquito bite=="
WHOLE FACE le...die lo~cause after treatment i wanted to go night market with friends~ =(
but my face~!!!==" lucky the mark recover, but still got red spot look like face full of pimples~
at night market meet many many old friends~why everything when i ugly i will meet so much old friends!
yesterday at night market bought a ocean blue or green beads bracelet^^
quite LOVE attract me the most^^
when i go near the store the 1st item i saw it is the bracelet, so i bought it^^
so no need always wear the love bracelet =)
YEAH~new bracelet^^ LOVE IT~!!!

actually should be out by now
Ah Y call me to 'LimTeh' to discuss some thing bout skin healthy facial bar^^
but have to cook dinner~~aiks
tomorrow la..
okay~~go masak-masak luu~~^^
----tomorrow will be another day----

Thursday, September 24, 2009

SNACK = Life

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Yesterday, when to Tesco by myself
and i decide to buy some snack only
how i know get home only i realize is too many~^^"
i use Rm20++ to buy snack
got chocolate, nut, biscuit and a 7up
my table or cupboard must have at least sweet or sour plum
i LOVE snack~
chocolate, cookie, sour plum, cupcake, ice cream, cake, cheese, mint sweet
i remember i buy many chocolate that i like and pack in a beautiful box and give Chris as birthday present~^^
chocolate and ice cream make people happy^^
and also FAT=="
anyway~ SNACK is my LIFE^^
tomorrow go Jalan Ampang do facial~
free facial~XD

Another Day=="

2:20 AM 0
today i should be go Sunway watch movie and have dinner
of CHEESE steamboat with Chris..
but, she once again fong me fei kei = suddenly cancel everything~!!
reason, cause she wake up late and she say so late d..
no mood!!
actually our plan should be on Monday..
but Monday she say "I very lazy, tomorrow la~"
so i wait til Tuesday..
and she say "so late d~don't want also don't know go where, tomorrow lo~"
thought at last can go out~
but..bla bla bla~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*crap!!!
make me damn no mood..
then, cause I'm mood less of her and decide to call Notti Family go 'LimTeh'^^
SMS everyone,
but only WeiLi,LuYi,Angie,Herng,Keith and SoongKit can..
Ling, dance her life other than work dance is her job=="
Louis, aunt came to his house can't go out
Mun, friends dated him
when to Wingz Cafe~^^
erm..environment not that good, got people sing any song we like
but very noisy~if u want to chat i think that not your choice
cause need to shout~!!! =(
the food average special~just like normal cafe food
drink some special some very very normal..
but most of it was coloring not original fruit juice=="
price as normal other cafe price
the waiter remind me bout the time me, WeiLi, Zheng and Bert
when to Kim Gary~xD
the waiter there also very friendly and funny~
i request to change a better table and he play and joke with us
when i call him, he make a funny sound and a funny look
when i was having my meal he pass by and still ask me to change table
but of cause he just joking~^^
the other guys that take our order also very funny..
he keep suggest a drink to Bert after Bert say don't want he did not despair
and continue ask all of us~xD
we say never mind la..we don't want he still say "really don't oh?"
back to here~
i think i have to plan a 1day trip to some where got beach and can picnic^^
hmm~no rubbish in the water, can swim, not too far=car can reach and good environment
anyone can suggest a place or 2?
and the Mooncake Fest is here~~~~~!?
and every year Notti Family sure got a gathering at night eat supper
then when to the nearest garden or playground play candle~^^"
but we always steamboat=="
all already bored of steamboat, i wanted to BBQ
but i think most of our parent dislike us to have party at their house~
cause we are too too too noisy~and play till too crazy worry will disturb neighbour=="
why people can think of open a buffet steamboat restaurant
but did not think of buffet BBQ restaurant, right ??
not like those teppayaki thingy, really BBQ cook using charcoal
their should find a very very big field put some light and build a shop near there
then, put many many hut can let us BBQ freely..
LOL~my idea great le..xD
hmm~anything la..anyone suggest me thing to do on Mooncake Fest~

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dinner With Family

1:50 AM 0
now is 2.08am midnight of Monday-21 September-

today i have dinner with my family^^
i think almost 3month did not go out eat whole family 9member together

Chris decide to cook at 6pm+ but suddenly receive call from Ah Pa
say no need cook, we go out eat~don't why^^
but very happy cause she can continue her Cabal=="
so all well prepare and when to Tak Fok restaurant
is located at Bandar Puteri, Puchong..
this restaurant famous CRAB~!!!
our family favorite^^
we always order butter cheezy and salty egg crabs^^

Ah Pa want to order 3Kg, but the waitress say got limit=="
each table can only order below 2Kg cause lack of crabs!!*SHIT
my mind straight away ask
"what kind of restaurant~LACK of crabs and their famous dish was crab=="
and their service is BAD~!!
we ask for the 'kiap kiap' but till we finish our dinner he did not give us
and he keep pass by our table and act like nothing happen~*GOOD
theri King Tea 'Wong Tai Ca' how i look and drink it also look like water=="
and the crab most of it was BIG shell and TINY meat=="
Ah Pa say this will be the last we eat here~LOL

anyway,recommended to all crab LOVER la..^^
and we also order 'Tong Bo Yok'=it is PORK meat where the most fat part *quite YuMmy^^
Clay Pot Veg & Japanese Tofu and La La soup *not fresh lala but soup NICE

got home change clothe and start blog hopping and watch 'Beautiful Cook Show Season2'~LOL


okay~now say something not related today~^^
although i was very happy can dinner without family again..
after finish eat we sit together and chat laugh, but....
i very HATE Catherine!!
she is the MOST MOST MOST MOST SH ASSHOLE sibling i have x[
WHY I SAY SO~!!want to know please be patience read below::

cause i back to Puchong 1week early than her..
so i sleep at my sis room alone~
cause i don't usually off light sleep i will easily get insomia, so i on light
and i have a very sensitive nose, when i in a cold place my nose will stuck and start to flu whole day
so i want to on fan other than air-con but too BAD fan can't function
ter-force on air-con and adjust to below 23*c
i also have a habit, every night i sleep i will sure wake up once 8hours later then will sleep back if i want *except Im too tired la*
EXAMPLE i sleep at 10pm will wake at 6am in the next day morning then sleep back
so every morning i sleep enough 8hours i will wake and off the air-con then continue sleep^^

BUT after she came back::
she off light okay lo..this i can accept
she on the air-con to the lowest *c!!make me cold like ice and my nose stuck and macam pipe!!
then i wake up to off the air-con, but she on back and she just sleep back for 1hours+
FUCKER~!!!make me no mood sleep
then she took back 4-5bags of dirty clothes, her and Tommy dirty clothes to wash..
but she was just few clothes once and only her own clothes!!
she just can't wash everybody clothes together!!
me and her always agrue!!i don't like to talk to her~
cause she talk without using brain!!xP

Christina have change, she everyday on time will automatically say i go cook dinner 1st~o.0!!
what a surprise~!?maybe she worry after marry can't even cook a normal meal for her family~XD

Nixon become mature and very very tall d..
and sometime will listen to what people say to him~*GOOD =]

Nelson get worst than last time~
maybe cause my parent no time to give him a lesson..
he become lazy don't want to work even if supervisor call he will avoid them from answering their call~
never listen to everyone advise..always flirt around
and all girls he flirt was BIG SPENDER!!*speechless la~~~~~~~~~

sudah la~this all for tonight~

night everyone..
happy holidays~^^

Monday, September 21, 2009

My 1st SEM~

12:21 AM 0
i have finish my 1st Sem in Tarc^^
should be very happy~cause I'm have my sem break now..
2weeks break, but it look like most of my friends is studying
and my college friends most of them when back to hometown d
want to find a people to accompany me to shopping,watch movie and singK also hard

this few day also stay at home with my elder sis[Chris]
watch movie that she bring back eat or fetch my bro back from school
it is okay for me actually~
feel so stress less^^
but quite boring la..but maybe weekend need to work
never mind la..cause my bank left not more than RM500
only got outcome when got time must work on my income~XD

haix~i think time really pass very very fast..
it like ZOOM my older sis[Catherine] going to be 21 in 1 and a half month^^
don't know what to buy for her
maybe clothes? necklace? or bag?
i think bag should be good~^^
cause i can use also~~hahahahah
I'm so BAD!!


refresh back to the time Dx haven go India~
it was so fun and happy stay with him..
go anyway, he even plan a trip to Langkawi alone
when to movie several time
go to SkyBar, Genting Highland twice and sesat in highway together for more than 2-3hours i think~
think back it was so funny, he even say "he love paying tol"
actually, we together just 1month time then he flew away to India~
but that 1month really done many thing,look like we have done 6month thing
everytime argue, he will pujuk me back don't care it was my or his wrong
sometime chat with him in phone also will argue

then,he go India on April
and in May have a surprising Birthday
i step in to college student life right after my Birthday
start to study in Tarc and meet 5fellow that was in a canceled English class
move in to Genting Kelang
then knowing other classmate friends..
and also most of DML coursemate^^
then, i meet a gang of dinner-mate

in Tarc life, it was so suffering cause of meeting deadline everyday everyweek~
but i was enjoying^^
cause i LOVE drawing..although i will say this and that
but i still enjoying..
the assignment i love de most was creating character^^
the 2nd is T-shirt design~
then~every work that Conception given

then pass June and July by doing many many assignment
then August Dx is back for his break~
go out with him just few day and when to Jogoya also
after he back to India my 1st Final exam in Tarc
nervous, cause if i fail i will need to resit
and my parents will scream at me~FOR SURE~!!**
then pass so fast and my sem break is here~
and when to my trip we plan long ago~XD
and back to Puchong..and now i blogging it my whole 1st sem^^

not long it will be 2nd sem and Chrismas then Chinese New Year!!!
time to buy NEW CLOTHES~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, September 20, 2009


9:32 PM 4
as what i say at my previous post~
i watched 5movie in this month~=="
it is.......::as below

Final Destination 4

Where Got Ghost [Singapore]

not too boring~~acceptable

The Ugly Truth
this movie is nice, but the ending i dislike

this is what i done in my pre-holidays the 1weeks rest before my last exam
waste money~watch movie and singK

after my exam 15th September 09 i when to Genting Highland at 4pm^^
with [Workaholic Family]my son, my two granddaughter and my ah gal..
my Ah Gal, reach there still
at night when to Starbucks have some coffee and chit chat with them..
we bring some steamboat equipment and some food go..
steamboat in the room~XD
*GENG le..

then, 16th September 09 in the morning join my [Siao Family]
Doreamon,Uncle Jf,scary Skeleton,Chipmunk,Doto King,Snowy Girl and Hazelnut~=)
go rest more then play..stay at hotel more then outdoor activities~=(
got our room put out stuff then straight away go to outdoor..
but play not much cause most of it was
temporary close=="
then go back to hotel cause nothing play d..
play card in room, then they go have dinner at Pizza Hut..
i when to find my granddaughter expect them to shopping with me..
cause no mood..
but walk awhile wanted to blow wind but they did not bring out their jacket..
so i lie them and go away to blow wind alone..
i walk and walk and walk more then i think 2-3 round in First World Time Square..
then when outside and walk 1-2round outside hotel to another hotel then garden then back into Indoor~=="

then go Pizza Hut join them~
and back to room, take our bath and watch some movie using Chipmunk laptop
some fall asleep~XD
then wake them up at 10++pm go eat Mcd sundae corn
and take a night walk till the garden behind Theme Park Hotel
chit chat and play around..
then have a Tea-break at Old Town then go back to room..
~~~i have the room by myself~~^^
Snowy girl and Hazelnut 1room..
and the guys in a room~ 5guys in 1room ~

17th September 09 [morning] prepare and go home lo~~
take bus go Titiwangsa and wait AhPa come fetch~
i bump into Lennon Lemon waiting for someone^^
so chat with her till forgot AhPa have reach^^"

that day i actually promise [Animal Family]Hong,Leon,Rong,Choi and Xian to go
but i was too tired and nobody fetch me=="
all of them at GK only me at Puchong~
so have to told them i can't go..REGRET!!
should force my friends go, so i can go~~TT

if want to see picture just press this~~~~" Genting Photo "

now all is back to their hometown le ba~^^
i think the most happy guys must be Leon
cause his hometown is in Sandakan..he always miss his life at there and his beloved mum~
everyone should have a fun holiday?!^^


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tomorrow is the day~!!

1:14 AM 0
my 1week exam rest have end~!!
i have a great fun back in Puchong with my besties this whole month~~
i think this month i already watched almost 5movie~~XD
so waste money~~HOR!?
but all was NICE movie~~so worth wasting..^^"
but i use too much money..I'm out of control of my financial=="

tomorrow is the last paper for DML student~^^
and also the most suffering exam of all..
cause it is Introduction To Art~!!!!
it mean art history~!!

normally student where will interest in HISTORY ge!!
i MOST HATE IT~!!the hardest subject ever~!!
i hate math be like it when there is history~
tomorrow i think i will try my best to do it..
although I'm sure 70% of the paper i won't know how to answer..
but have to give a try so i won't fail and RESIT~!!

everyone was worry bout tomorrow exam..=(
+U+U[add oil] for all DML and also other student that having exam~~^^
wish me luck to~~


Monday, September 14, 2009

should change my personality~!!

3:42 AM 4
i think not only my blog theme i should change.
i should change my everything too!!

i really hate my personality, my attitude, my behaved, my mind, my thinking!!
I think i over confident, am i ?!
am i a pretender!? i think i have too much thing hiding behind my mask, am i~!?
really really don't know how to say~!!!!!!!!!!!
i have to change everything, but how!? can i really change!?

can anyone tell me, what kind of person am i ?!
i really want to know..
I think I'm a BITCH I'm so SUCK a IDIOT a STUPID GIRL that can't figure out what she doing~!!
my attitude look like following my mood.
when in a good mood i do whatever they want, when I'm not in mood i giving people not nice face.
or finding thing to argue with.

did i regret doing something..??
even me, myself can't answer it, really don't know.

i feel so depressed right now.

my exam~!!other thing that make me stress and worry bout.
my study desktop is dead!!can't on it, it only know how to make the beeping sound.

no power point to study~!!
and i left 1last day to do my revision.
tomorrow i will have to memories all the exercise and mid term exam paper!!
if not, it will be RESIT for me~TT

now i lack of confidence and no mood [TAK DA SEMANGAT]~!!!!!

sweet is not the only flavor we can taste,
we still can taste spicy and bitter.
my feeling just like the color of the word~
night everyone~!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I need a new blog THEME~

11:20 PM 4
i saw most of my friends having fun to edit their blog theme~
actually i wanted to change my blog look..
but I'm to lazy to edit the HTML and to find a nicer theme..
other then that~I'm bad in those HTML thingy~!!!!
i also worry my stuff will lost after i change the HTML~TT

can anyone help me~~~~~~~~
teach me how to make a nicer look for my blog...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pasar Malam~MEMORY~

2:36 AM 0
10 September 09-Thursday-

today was OUG pasar malam~~^^
long time did not go OUG pasar malam,i think got almost half years~
today when to OUG decides to walk 1 round only..
coincidence my friends going too,
since don't know when they stop going pasar malam also..^^

so i when thete till 11++pm..
go Steven Corner yumcha and chit chat~~till people closing stall
only got people say want walk around=="

so we go eat something then go home lo~~^^

quite long did not when pasar malam with them..
remind me, last time..
always go pasar malam after tuition~~
even skip class to go pasar malam~~


Thursday, September 10, 2009

my Notti Family member~

2:33 AM 2
I'm back to Puchong about 5days..
and i have meet back my old besties~^^
it was so happy..i have plenty of fun with them..
always laugh and crazy around..

but not only craziness,happiness or fun i get after i came back..
i also started to receive and heard many news and what happening recently~
i don't think all this was good to know it..
it really make me feel chaotic=="
and some make me don't understand what their are think~
i also beginning to feel their some grow up and become mature..
hmm~~i know they are..

Reno, have a girlfriend[Vanice] but they broke up just 2weeks+ they together~
seriously sad case for her Vanice
he become more mature, not childish like last time..
not stingy like last time~
wish Reno can learn to appreciate someone and not to play with relation..

Angie, have new boyfriend[CB Kang] together 1month++ but broke up d..
cause some personal reason of CB Kang..
i also can feel Angie got happiness with him..
CB Kang is a guy that can really protect and give Angie happiness
but cause of some personal reason that even Angie don't know why they broke up~
but at the same time i also feel that her heart still have Kelvin in it
wish she got to know the reason and fix their relation again~

哥哥, before i move to Genting Kelang he already found a good girl he want..
but turn out it wasn't what we all think~
cause that girl, YA~can't go out late, no smoke okay it look good..
but she is a mean bitch~!!arrogant~!!
she JEALOUS of Angie,and done something bad to Angie~ cause Angie was Kelvin 3years Ex-girlfriend
and she a big spender~always buy this and that..
eat this and that~and expensive..make Kelvin broke~even he work 3job per day can't really feed her~
and Kelvin even complaining her in front of me~=="
i think Kelvin having problem in his financial..
3th Sep 09 i over heard he talk with his friend at phone..
he was lending money from his friend..wonder what happening!?
i also feel that he still have Angie in his mind~
cause i know there are not any of Kelvin girlfriends was as good as Angie..
wish Kelvin really found a good girl that can control him and make him stop smoking lo~

JianHerng, still the same..
always having his own problem..and also problem that never end..=="
okay~every member of Notti Familly sure know he lOve someone name start with S..
he do many thing for her, but she do not like him~
so he wasting his time on her~!!and most of us think she playing his feeling..
okay~~Herng ar..wake up la..i also lazy to type everything out..
cause i think you know what i want to say la..ho~~~?!

MunZai, still the same look..
like driving fast fast, still smoke non stop and drink many..
but he was a mummy boy~
he love his mum a lot..never disappointed his mum again~
helping his mum in her work..
he still like to talk many rubbish~~and joke that are not funny at all~XD
Mun~you better change lo..don't talk lung talk d..~
mature more kay~~~~~~if can, stop smoking...

Keith, hmmm~~~he is the most love me from all of them d..
only he will volunteer to fetch me at Genting Kelang..
he is clever like the old time..and always watch those wild channel or discovery channel..
but he is not a nerd~he know how to popping~LOL
he still single and available girls~not cause he is not handsome..
but he don't think it time to dating/have girlfriend..
Keith~cepat find a girlfriend lo..please watch less those discovery channel lo..
i will feel bored when u start tell me bout something i don't know le..=="

LuYi, she look more mature with her curly hair now..
she is prettier than last time~but playful than last time
her voice was sweet like honey which attract many bee around her..
she also sing very very well..
she is so polite to everyone, even to stranger..
she is kind but sometime she did not speak out something she don't like=="
it not because she not dare too, is because she don't want to hurt other people~
sometime she can be very tough and strong, so don't mess with her~
LuJi ar~~still the same, change lo..time to become a butterfly not a worm~
sometime you should mean to someone you should~XD

WeiLi, my precious darling..she is pretty but she don't know it..
and always complaining she is so tall and fat~=="
it just her figure look big does not mean ugly...
she can dance very very well..she very good in foxy/sexy dance..
she learning new jazz~jealous her much much~!!
i love her the most cause she always think the same as me~^^
now her hairstyle look like Penny tai~and short hair do suit her right~
she is never a follower, she have her own style~
but recently she have another darling..not very sure is a guy or a girl~~
better is a guy lo~~~XD
don't always look down to yourself cause in this world theirs nothing 100% perfect..
treat yourself better, be more confident~confident make people look at you~

Albert, okay~i saw him the less since I'm back..
don't know why??maybe busy of his school assignment~
his appearance change the most~look thinner but still have a 'strong' butt~
his hairstyle look cooler~but still not yet perfect..
cause he still same height~this is difficult to us which born to be short=="
his attitude, never ever change~!!
still the to take benefit from other..
even try to order someone to do something for him~he can't control his own anger..
always like girl or find girlfriend that are higher grade than him...
if he saw what i write he sure chop me into 8pieces~XD
bert~bert~long time no see come ajak me go movie lo...and throw away your uncontrollable anger
and stop using people who use heart to be friend with you if not soonner or later
you will lose you friend~

Louis, he never seem to be emo again..his driving still scary~
he still look at Ling with those full of feeling eyes, still very caring..
he is a gentlemen, all guys jealous of him cause girl always praise him..
he have a handsome look but he always laugh like barbarian and make silly face..=="
he is driving a Pejaro 4WD make me more worry bout his driving skill=="
he was a banana, but can speak a bit of mandarin and fluence cantonese..
i will bored by his long 'valuable' lesson come out when people was so serious asking or chating..
and most of the time he listen English song which make people sad..
if you want to more any new love song should find him~
and his heart always have Ling in it~no others..=P
haix~~better forget bout Ling la..she only like 大男人, learn to listen more chinese song..XD

KaLing, she ar~!! I'm too lazy to say her..cause if want to say..
i can use 1 day long just to write bout her..
she is so stupid~~!!who is a love failure~she betray by her love not one but twice..
and never wake up what they done to her..
a girl that look mature and people think she was mature but NOPE~she not..
thinking maybe sometime but in love she never mature..
she only find 大男人 to be her to abused/control by her love one
the only girl that never wake up from her cartoon world..see properly not fairy tale world~!!
she is the one and only people make everyone prohibit him from dating guys=="
cause it will make trouble when she broke up with her boyfriend..
it also may scare you to death~!!
there is once she idle by his 7month boyfriend and almost struck by car in front of me..
and my legs shivering when witness what happen..=="

~other then the Notti Family~
our neighbour~why called our neighbour~?!
last time we don't see each other always~~XD

FeiZing, she change too much~~
last time was a tomboy who fight with other girl..never act like a lady before..
run here and there like a monkey~~
now a sexy lady and look pretty..and so gentle..
less bad word from her mouth..^^but she smoke=="
and her bad habit did not change..she still have a itchy hand..
stealing thing, not from other but from friends also..
and a very playgirl..can change many boyfriends in a month..
she and KarWai have some weird relationship~=D

PaoZheng, he did not change many also..
just the hairstyle become more look like LION KING~XD
he still funny and entertain like last time~~
he is learning hairstyling..and he have a round body but he can dance~^^

KarWai, he hava look more girly with his thick hair...XD
still so pervert..and have many pornography in his mobile phone..
look at a girl when they wear too expose even is friends he do the same~
he also try to pretend drunk when we were in a club/pub and deliberately hug/touch us~=="
wish you grow up, and stop think all this thing~=="
get a life~~~without those pornograpy~==!!

this is what i think bout them..
it may just my own opinion about them..
wish they won't angry after see this post~~XD
but i think most of them will~~~~don't care..

090909-Back To The Past~

12:35 AM 3
3rd September 09~Thursday

when to 'yumcha' with my old besties at ChuiChuiShui Cafe~!! long time did not see them~
so miss them~~they say i have not change more mature~
but change become more playful~but they say when see me all sure will very happy!!
that night take quite many picture~if got time i only upload~
but those picture i already upload to my Facebook d
it was so happy and funny~
like last time, i will be the one who talk many and other will be sitting by my side
and start to tease me and have many laugh..
that night got~
*KaLing *GooKar *WaiMun
*Angie *YeauKwan *PoaZheng
*WeiLi *ChiQin *SoongKit
*LuYi *KahHan *KamFai
i think did i left out anyone~~~~hor!?

that night i did not go back Setapak, cause don't want to waste their petrol to fetch me back so far~!!
so i overnight at Angie house~and we almost did not sleep..
we chat many many thing..bout our recent life
our besties thing good and bad~everything till 6++am in the morning~!
then we sleep accidentally when both of us silent just a second~XD

4th September 09-Friday-

both of us wake at 9++am
cause late sleep~
then we waited LuYi to call us
then she say she will be late so,Angie & i walk to the near by bus stop
wait her, but she haven reach..
then YeauKwan called and ask do we need a ride..
of cause we need~Thanks
but his girlfriend jealous~!cause Angie =P

then we fetch LuYi also and when to Time Square..
then window shopping awhile~
is already 11.55am
we rush to Sg Wang for karaoke at GreenBox^^
then after sing K, we go for SHOPPING~!!!
okay~i think i use too much that day..
i bought a white jacket i wanted so long,a yellow dress and a grey top..
that day i spend almost rm100 X(

then i go home by Monorail to Kl Sentre then LRT to Wangsa Maju
then bus to get home~~HUhuHUHU
and revise some HE notes
what a TIRED day~but fun^^

5th September 09-Saturday-

FU~!!!HE exam..
which i did not revise anything~
actually i did but can't seriously memories anything~
but i still done all question it asked but i don't really know it is right!!!
after HE exam DML student look so happy, cause we have 1week holidays
and we left TTG last exam on 15th Sep!!
everyone plan to go here and there after HE~LOL!!

then i got home and online awhile,
then go out at 5pm..
i take bus to Wangsa LRT go Masjid Jamed
then take LRT Kelana Line to Petalina Jaya i reach Petaling at 7pm++
so tired~!!
I'm 18 years old and this is the first time i take so long journey by BUS and LRT~!!!
SO TIRING~~~!!i even nap on the way..=="

then ChiQin fetch me to LuYi house~^^
he can't recognize me, cause I'm wearing spec..
then chit chat with LuYi have our Bath and waited KahHan to fetch us to
that night quite many people go~macam reunion~hahaha
WeiLi can't go, cause she go Melaka family trip~TOO BAD!!!
that night got~
*LuYi *Angie *KaLing
*GooKar *ChiQin *KahHan
*PaoZheng *WaiMun *YeauKwan
*SoongKit *KarWai *FeiZing

that day KaLing not happy cause she broke up with her boyfriend=(
and she cry for the whole night~!!wasted my time to take care her..did not play much=="
then go back at 2am go OUG yumcha at Steven Corner
then 3am go back to LuYi house~i overnight at LuYi house that day~^^
we reach home and bath, then did not sleep~
we chit chat everything our past and recently thingy
we also gossip & giving our own opinion bout our friend and life~
guess WHAT~!? we sleep at 7am++
GENG~!!!!I'm going to be a zombie in this 1week holidays~=="

6th September 09-Sunday-

LOL~me and LuYi sleep till i think 3pm gua~~~~~
cause too tired d..^^
when we wake up we did not immediatly go brush teeth~
we continue lying on bed and chit chat~HAHHAHAHA
many thing to chat, never end~just like our Notti Family relationship~

then my dad came to fetch me at 5pm++
but not go home~=="
we when to Ikano Power Center to buy some computer stuff~
at my eldest Cousin bro work place..
then we also have dinner with him then only when home^^

at 9pm++ YeauKwan called me ask me want to go yumcha or not?
he have fetch KaLing,Angie and GooKar
to my house of cause go la..^^
that night was his last night at Malaysia..
we when to Cheras look out point to yumcha and chat~
so fun, we still as crazy & fun as like last time play till where we are!!
we eat and drink also play^^

then go home at 2am++
on the way home Kaling EX boyfriend call her..
she answer her call eventhough we prohibit her to answer..
she do not listen!!
then she let me know something stupid~!!
and my anger have burst out like that and start to scold her..
from Bukit Jahil to my Puchong house i still scolding..
even YeauKwan think I'm have scold her right he drive very very slow and stop by the roadside
at the end GooKar and Angie feel the same as me and start to scold her advise her
but we know she will never listen anyway~

I'm already tired scolding her~so i ask YeauKwan to fetch me home
I'm have no eyes to see what have happen~x(

7th September 09-Monday-

when to Time Square with Ah Jing, KahHan & LuYi
to watch Final Destination 4~
okay this movie was SUCK~!!the story line was worst than what i think!!
it only the killing part nice..and disgusting ,other just rubbish!!
before movie KahHan and Ah jing go search for the Hair academy they looking for..
LuYi accompany me to buy a pair of shoe cause my leg pain..
cause I'm wearing a high heel=="
then, she accompany me to eat my breakfast~^^YuMmy!!

then when to movie at 4pm..after movie we when SHOPPING!!!
but KahHan and Jing continue to search for the next hair academy..
then we meet back at dinner time..
then back home luuu^^
i bought a white man&girly shoe, a beige 3/4 pant~very comfortable!!~ & a grey formal wear which i think it look formal~XD
i spend RM100 AGAIN~~TT
I'M BROKE~!!!this time is seriously broke~=="

8th September 09-Tuesday-

wake up at 2.30pm and receive a call from my dad..
he call us to fetch Nixon which just finish his school..
Chris want to eat Mcdonald, so we when to Tesco drive thru..
she bought a McD fried chicken and a Connetto McFlurry for me~!!
i did not eat cause dad want us to have lunch with him and mum...
so we fetch Nix and when to factory to find our parent and have our lunch at Wok at Restaurant..
then go home~

yesteday counted as my family day^^
stay with family only~~~

seriously, the tittle have no related to my blog~
just cause i saw everyone posting blog with this tittle so i just do the same~XD
okay~just post something bout it la..~~=="

9th September 09-Wednesday-

nothing special lo~
wake up late, ate my WanTan mee bought by my dad~
and my grandma told me my soya bean which my mum bought become tau fu fa[spoil] jo~
cause did not put in fridge=="

don't care, cause i can do nothing to recover it~=="
after my meal, go to room online and online and online till 7pm++
go cook dinner~todays special~
*pig stomach lo..*
~*got pig stomach soup~YumMy!!
~*tau fu bok boil pig stomach
~*and xiao bai cai
~*pork meat with seed oil/soya sause
i just LOEV pig stomach~!!!!!

then after dinner, when back to Setapak
cause my dad want to visit my sis[Catherine]
and fix my computer..
and i take back some of my stuff~
~junk food ~dirty clothes ~seldom wear d clothes ~new clothes i bought
and other la..
then come back Puchong at 11pm++ continue watch my Sailor Moon ~LOL!!!
till now~^^

*****don't think Sailor Moon is childish~!!
it wasn't~!! it was very old anime~

thats all for today~^^
wish everyone have a superb days
visit my blog 99 ar~!!XD