Thursday, September 10, 2009


090909-Back To The Past~

3rd September 09~Thursday

when to 'yumcha' with my old besties at ChuiChuiShui Cafe~!! long time did not see them~
so miss them~~they say i have not change more mature~
but change become more playful~but they say when see me all sure will very happy!!
that night take quite many picture~if got time i only upload~
but those picture i already upload to my Facebook d
it was so happy and funny~
like last time, i will be the one who talk many and other will be sitting by my side
and start to tease me and have many laugh..
that night got~
*KaLing *GooKar *WaiMun
*Angie *YeauKwan *PoaZheng
*WeiLi *ChiQin *SoongKit
*LuYi *KahHan *KamFai
i think did i left out anyone~~~~hor!?

that night i did not go back Setapak, cause don't want to waste their petrol to fetch me back so far~!!
so i overnight at Angie house~and we almost did not sleep..
we chat many many thing..bout our recent life
our besties thing good and bad~everything till 6++am in the morning~!
then we sleep accidentally when both of us silent just a second~XD

4th September 09-Friday-

both of us wake at 9++am
cause late sleep~
then we waited LuYi to call us
then she say she will be late so,Angie & i walk to the near by bus stop
wait her, but she haven reach..
then YeauKwan called and ask do we need a ride..
of cause we need~Thanks
but his girlfriend jealous~!cause Angie =P

then we fetch LuYi also and when to Time Square..
then window shopping awhile~
is already 11.55am
we rush to Sg Wang for karaoke at GreenBox^^
then after sing K, we go for SHOPPING~!!!
okay~i think i use too much that day..
i bought a white jacket i wanted so long,a yellow dress and a grey top..
that day i spend almost rm100 X(

then i go home by Monorail to Kl Sentre then LRT to Wangsa Maju
then bus to get home~~HUhuHUHU
and revise some HE notes
what a TIRED day~but fun^^

5th September 09-Saturday-

FU~!!!HE exam..
which i did not revise anything~
actually i did but can't seriously memories anything~
but i still done all question it asked but i don't really know it is right!!!
after HE exam DML student look so happy, cause we have 1week holidays
and we left TTG last exam on 15th Sep!!
everyone plan to go here and there after HE~LOL!!

then i got home and online awhile,
then go out at 5pm..
i take bus to Wangsa LRT go Masjid Jamed
then take LRT Kelana Line to Petalina Jaya i reach Petaling at 7pm++
so tired~!!
I'm 18 years old and this is the first time i take so long journey by BUS and LRT~!!!
SO TIRING~~~!!i even nap on the way..=="

then ChiQin fetch me to LuYi house~^^
he can't recognize me, cause I'm wearing spec..
then chit chat with LuYi have our Bath and waited KahHan to fetch us to
that night quite many people go~macam reunion~hahaha
WeiLi can't go, cause she go Melaka family trip~TOO BAD!!!
that night got~
*LuYi *Angie *KaLing
*GooKar *ChiQin *KahHan
*PaoZheng *WaiMun *YeauKwan
*SoongKit *KarWai *FeiZing

that day KaLing not happy cause she broke up with her boyfriend=(
and she cry for the whole night~!!wasted my time to take care her..did not play much=="
then go back at 2am go OUG yumcha at Steven Corner
then 3am go back to LuYi house~i overnight at LuYi house that day~^^
we reach home and bath, then did not sleep~
we chit chat everything our past and recently thingy
we also gossip & giving our own opinion bout our friend and life~
guess WHAT~!? we sleep at 7am++
GENG~!!!!I'm going to be a zombie in this 1week holidays~=="

6th September 09-Sunday-

LOL~me and LuYi sleep till i think 3pm gua~~~~~
cause too tired d..^^
when we wake up we did not immediatly go brush teeth~
we continue lying on bed and chit chat~HAHHAHAHA
many thing to chat, never end~just like our Notti Family relationship~

then my dad came to fetch me at 5pm++
but not go home~=="
we when to Ikano Power Center to buy some computer stuff~
at my eldest Cousin bro work place..
then we also have dinner with him then only when home^^

at 9pm++ YeauKwan called me ask me want to go yumcha or not?
he have fetch KaLing,Angie and GooKar
to my house of cause go la..^^
that night was his last night at Malaysia..
we when to Cheras look out point to yumcha and chat~
so fun, we still as crazy & fun as like last time play till where we are!!
we eat and drink also play^^

then go home at 2am++
on the way home Kaling EX boyfriend call her..
she answer her call eventhough we prohibit her to answer..
she do not listen!!
then she let me know something stupid~!!
and my anger have burst out like that and start to scold her..
from Bukit Jahil to my Puchong house i still scolding..
even YeauKwan think I'm have scold her right he drive very very slow and stop by the roadside
at the end GooKar and Angie feel the same as me and start to scold her advise her
but we know she will never listen anyway~

I'm already tired scolding her~so i ask YeauKwan to fetch me home
I'm have no eyes to see what have happen~x(

7th September 09-Monday-

when to Time Square with Ah Jing, KahHan & LuYi
to watch Final Destination 4~
okay this movie was SUCK~!!the story line was worst than what i think!!
it only the killing part nice..and disgusting ,other just rubbish!!
before movie KahHan and Ah jing go search for the Hair academy they looking for..
LuYi accompany me to buy a pair of shoe cause my leg pain..
cause I'm wearing a high heel=="
then, she accompany me to eat my breakfast~^^YuMmy!!

then when to movie at 4pm..after movie we when SHOPPING!!!
but KahHan and Jing continue to search for the next hair academy..
then we meet back at dinner time..
then back home luuu^^
i bought a white man&girly shoe, a beige 3/4 pant~very comfortable!!~ & a grey formal wear which i think it look formal~XD
i spend RM100 AGAIN~~TT
I'M BROKE~!!!this time is seriously broke~=="

8th September 09-Tuesday-

wake up at 2.30pm and receive a call from my dad..
he call us to fetch Nixon which just finish his school..
Chris want to eat Mcdonald, so we when to Tesco drive thru..
she bought a McD fried chicken and a Connetto McFlurry for me~!!
i did not eat cause dad want us to have lunch with him and mum...
so we fetch Nix and when to factory to find our parent and have our lunch at Wok at Restaurant..
then go home~

yesteday counted as my family day^^
stay with family only~~~

seriously, the tittle have no related to my blog~
just cause i saw everyone posting blog with this tittle so i just do the same~XD
okay~just post something bout it la..~~=="

9th September 09-Wednesday-

nothing special lo~
wake up late, ate my WanTan mee bought by my dad~
and my grandma told me my soya bean which my mum bought become tau fu fa[spoil] jo~
cause did not put in fridge=="

don't care, cause i can do nothing to recover it~=="
after my meal, go to room online and online and online till 7pm++
go cook dinner~todays special~
*pig stomach lo..*
~*got pig stomach soup~YumMy!!
~*tau fu bok boil pig stomach
~*and xiao bai cai
~*pork meat with seed oil/soya sause
i just LOEV pig stomach~!!!!!

then after dinner, when back to Setapak
cause my dad want to visit my sis[Catherine]
and fix my computer..
and i take back some of my stuff~
~junk food ~dirty clothes ~seldom wear d clothes ~new clothes i bought
and other la..
then come back Puchong at 11pm++ continue watch my Sailor Moon ~LOL!!!
till now~^^

*****don't think Sailor Moon is childish~!!
it wasn't~!! it was very old anime~

thats all for today~^^
wish everyone have a superb days
visit my blog 99 ar~!!XD



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