Sunday, September 27, 2009


1 more WEEK~

1 more week before my 2nd sem start~
when holidays feel bored want to start school earlier
when my holidays end feel so lazy to go school~!!!!
this is human~~=="

but quite miss college friends~
and i saw our timetable d..
nice~!!Tuesday and Wednesday no class
6subject 5 are lecture so whole course mate study together~
1 is English
every subject 2hours only Tamadun Islam 1hour~^^
we got photography subject for 2nd sem
so need to use DSLR camera d=="
my house got 1, don't know what moder
don't can use or not~!?

got 2 days no need to go school~YEAH!!
wish 2nd sem no homework..XD

want to go out d~
have to take bus, cause no car at home=="

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