Thursday, September 24, 2009


Another Day=="

today i should be go Sunway watch movie and have dinner
of CHEESE steamboat with Chris..
but, she once again fong me fei kei = suddenly cancel everything~!!
reason, cause she wake up late and she say so late d..
no mood!!
actually our plan should be on Monday..
but Monday she say "I very lazy, tomorrow la~"
so i wait til Tuesday..
and she say "so late d~don't want also don't know go where, tomorrow lo~"
thought at last can go out~
but..bla bla bla~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*crap!!!
make me damn no mood..
then, cause I'm mood less of her and decide to call Notti Family go 'LimTeh'^^
SMS everyone,
but only WeiLi,LuYi,Angie,Herng,Keith and SoongKit can..
Ling, dance her life other than work dance is her job=="
Louis, aunt came to his house can't go out
Mun, friends dated him
when to Wingz Cafe~^^
erm..environment not that good, got people sing any song we like
but very noisy~if u want to chat i think that not your choice
cause need to shout~!!! =(
the food average special~just like normal cafe food
drink some special some very very normal..
but most of it was coloring not original fruit juice=="
price as normal other cafe price
the waiter remind me bout the time me, WeiLi, Zheng and Bert
when to Kim Gary~xD
the waiter there also very friendly and funny~
i request to change a better table and he play and joke with us
when i call him, he make a funny sound and a funny look
when i was having my meal he pass by and still ask me to change table
but of cause he just joking~^^
the other guys that take our order also very funny..
he keep suggest a drink to Bert after Bert say don't want he did not despair
and continue ask all of us~xD
we say never mind la..we don't want he still say "really don't oh?"
back to here~
i think i have to plan a 1day trip to some where got beach and can picnic^^
hmm~no rubbish in the water, can swim, not too far=car can reach and good environment
anyone can suggest a place or 2?
and the Mooncake Fest is here~~~~~!?
and every year Notti Family sure got a gathering at night eat supper
then when to the nearest garden or playground play candle~^^"
but we always steamboat=="
all already bored of steamboat, i wanted to BBQ
but i think most of our parent dislike us to have party at their house~
cause we are too too too noisy~and play till too crazy worry will disturb neighbour=="
why people can think of open a buffet steamboat restaurant
but did not think of buffet BBQ restaurant, right ??
not like those teppayaki thingy, really BBQ cook using charcoal
their should find a very very big field put some light and build a shop near there
then, put many many hut can let us BBQ freely..
LOL~my idea great le..xD
hmm~anything la..anyone suggest me thing to do on Mooncake Fest~

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