Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Dinner With Family

now is 2.08am midnight of Monday-21 September-

today i have dinner with my family^^
i think almost 3month did not go out eat whole family 9member together

Chris decide to cook at 6pm+ but suddenly receive call from Ah Pa
say no need cook, we go out eat~don't why^^
but very happy cause she can continue her Cabal=="
so all well prepare and when to Tak Fok restaurant
is located at Bandar Puteri, Puchong..
this restaurant famous CRAB~!!!
our family favorite^^
we always order butter cheezy and salty egg crabs^^

Ah Pa want to order 3Kg, but the waitress say got limit=="
each table can only order below 2Kg cause lack of crabs!!*SHIT
my mind straight away ask
"what kind of restaurant~LACK of crabs and their famous dish was crab=="
and their service is BAD~!!
we ask for the 'kiap kiap' but till we finish our dinner he did not give us
and he keep pass by our table and act like nothing happen~*GOOD
theri King Tea 'Wong Tai Ca' how i look and drink it also look like water=="
and the crab most of it was BIG shell and TINY meat=="
Ah Pa say this will be the last we eat here~LOL

anyway,recommended to all crab LOVER la..^^
and we also order 'Tong Bo Yok'=it is PORK meat where the most fat part *quite YuMmy^^
Clay Pot Veg & Japanese Tofu and La La soup *not fresh lala but soup NICE

got home change clothe and start blog hopping and watch 'Beautiful Cook Show Season2'~LOL


okay~now say something not related today~^^
although i was very happy can dinner without family again..
after finish eat we sit together and chat laugh, but....
i very HATE Catherine!!
she is the MOST MOST MOST MOST SH ASSHOLE sibling i have x[
WHY I SAY SO~!!want to know please be patience read below::

cause i back to Puchong 1week early than her..
so i sleep at my sis room alone~
cause i don't usually off light sleep i will easily get insomia, so i on light
and i have a very sensitive nose, when i in a cold place my nose will stuck and start to flu whole day
so i want to on fan other than air-con but too BAD fan can't function
ter-force on air-con and adjust to below 23*c
i also have a habit, every night i sleep i will sure wake up once 8hours later then will sleep back if i want *except Im too tired la*
EXAMPLE i sleep at 10pm will wake at 6am in the next day morning then sleep back
so every morning i sleep enough 8hours i will wake and off the air-con then continue sleep^^

BUT after she came back::
she off light okay lo..this i can accept
she on the air-con to the lowest *c!!make me cold like ice and my nose stuck and macam pipe!!
then i wake up to off the air-con, but she on back and she just sleep back for 1hours+
FUCKER~!!!make me no mood sleep
then she took back 4-5bags of dirty clothes, her and Tommy dirty clothes to wash..
but she was just few clothes once and only her own clothes!!
she just can't wash everybody clothes together!!
me and her always agrue!!i don't like to talk to her~
cause she talk without using brain!!xP

Christina have change, she everyday on time will automatically say i go cook dinner 1st~o.0!!
what a surprise~!?maybe she worry after marry can't even cook a normal meal for her family~XD

Nixon become mature and very very tall d..
and sometime will listen to what people say to him~*GOOD =]

Nelson get worst than last time~
maybe cause my parent no time to give him a lesson..
he become lazy don't want to work even if supervisor call he will avoid them from answering their call~
never listen to everyone advise..always flirt around
and all girls he flirt was BIG SPENDER!!*speechless la~~~~~~~~~

sudah la~this all for tonight~

night everyone..
happy holidays~^^

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