Friday, September 25, 2009


Don't Know~Don't Know~

don't know~ don't know what all this
or maybe is don't understand gua..
sometime it look like just a dream
sometime realize it wasn't
hmm~ in a week to think everything, clean up everything, rearrange something i mess up or do something he won't hate

HAIX~~rubbish rubbish..
don't know what am I talking about...=="
don't care la~****
i should give myself a break..or a change to think properly what i really want


yesterday when to Avenue K with LuYi..
to do face wash^^
we got free treatment from his brother~
the voucher is from Kanebo, MJ all beauty
hmm~their service not bad, they did not treat us bad or no manner although we just teenage~xD
i like the warm towel, face steamer and the moisture mask the most~
hate the part she help me clean black pore and pimples~!!cause very PAIN!!
she use the thingy POKE my face~~~~~~arG!!!!

cause my skin very sensitive so after she clean my face my face look like let mosquito bite=="
WHOLE FACE le...die lo~cause after treatment i wanted to go night market with friends~ =(
but my face~!!!==" lucky the mark recover, but still got red spot look like face full of pimples~
at night market meet many many old friends~why everything when i ugly i will meet so much old friends!
yesterday at night market bought a ocean blue or green beads bracelet^^
quite LOVE attract me the most^^
when i go near the store the 1st item i saw it is the bracelet, so i bought it^^
so no need always wear the love bracelet =)
YEAH~new bracelet^^ LOVE IT~!!!

actually should be out by now
Ah Y call me to 'LimTeh' to discuss some thing bout skin healthy facial bar^^
but have to cook dinner~~aiks
tomorrow la..
okay~~go masak-masak luu~~^^
----tomorrow will be another day----

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