Thursday, September 3, 2009



yesterday whole day at home study~!!
unbelievable lo~~
CAROLINE LIM study whole day~
of cause is really, cause my
COMPUTER die d..
i can't online~TT
so force to study whole day~
you guys should be wondering why i can online le..~~XD
i using Kx laptop ma~~he lend me his laptop~^^
thank you~thank you~

today wake up at 6.45am~!!
so early I so tired~last night can't sleep..
INSOMNIA~!!owh no~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
make me whole night roll here and there~finally sleep at 3am++
make me damn tired when doing the English test~
started at 9am~reach school at 8am sharp..

i did not finish my essay~!!
make the wrong move to do grammar first~!!
although i did not end my essay nicely as i wanted to..
i end it accidentally~hahahaha!!
i done my essay in 30minutes~with a accidentally ending
only 1 and half pages...*(sad)

now I'm waiting for Keith to come fetch me to LuYi house~
cause i receive a sad news from
Kelvin(my dearest gan哥哥) past 2 days..
he is going to Singapore on Sunday or Monday to work..
so tonight having a YUMCHA section to farewell him~
and Saturday will be CLUBBING section~
damn long did not see him~suddenly told me he going Singapore..
regretted~!!i should go Quattro with him on 30th August 09~TT

anyway~he will come back once awhile~RIGHT !?***SAD

i also receive a news bout
Christina Lim my lovely 大姐 my real sis~
i know this news through her blog la..XD
her i think 7 or 8 years boyfriend David *PROPOSE* to her~~
happy ending right~!!
but she still studying her LLB-whatever is that- it really a hard time for her..
cause my dad let her do the choosing thing..
either to stop study and start her career on lawyer helper~
or continue in her academy at KDU~
or the best choice ever, marry to Dav become officially

Mrs. Ng Lim Zhu Chern!!

a full time housewife~^^

**anyway, all the best to her~and do the right decision~
don't regret after make it~^^

this Saturday will be
HE exam~!!
after that, i will be back to Puchong cause 1week no exam
and my
情爱的爸爸want me go back..
he miss me so much~~=D
long time did not see her
lovely youngest daughter me lo~~~
then i think i will be back to Setapak on
13 Sep 09~
and prepare to examination the the last paper=TTG
then, HOLIDAYS here i come~!!
Genting Highland and Melaka wait for me~~
my besties at OUG i coming back to go out with you guys~
please at that time don't give me reason working or study or exam ar~!!
i got time to find you guys and give me
SHIT reason~i will kill u guys~~^^


-lu yi- said...

dont worry la.. ur baba's sam gon bou bui..
everyone will be on holidays except wei li.. kaka..
go jogoya~

dxlim said...

singapore so near je..........
eh,u call clubbing a gathering a?how possible a?

Carolinelzt said...

LY::loL~can not so bad like this kacau wu guai po~!!

dx::yala~near but will less chance meet each other jo~
erm..not sure,maybe nt a gathering=="

-lu yi- said...

no kacau no kacau.. keke.. can still go 1 mah..
go at night..

Carolinelzt said...
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