Tuesday, September 1, 2009


miss everything~!!

just now i was viewing my secondary best friend profile~
that is KaLing~and saw the video she upload..
it was so old~~XD
damn miss that moment~!!!
actually there still got 2 or 3 video~~
but i can't view it~=="


this is the video when i join the Tren dance studio~!!
it is the Tren competition at Selayang mall~!!
we did not win anything, but still very happy with the experience
not very good..cause our teacher stole the move from some MV~!!
the 1 who dance at the left was KL~right was me

this the video of our Performance,i think it was my last performance d~~^^
if was great performance~!!
it was so angry when we training practicing~!!
teaching them, while they ignore me~!!=(
but at the end they give a result that really surprising~!!
the 1st line middle left was me~~right was KL


this is the video after she and some of my besties join Mustang Crew Studio~!!
this is one of their studio competition~in Melaka
so jealous them~can continue dance and go for performance and competition~!!
i wish i can~TT
enjoy~they really dance very great~!!


this video she edited, when she and her ChanChan 1month anniversary~=D
so jealous hor~~
they look so sweet together and happy~~
wish them all the best~~
she gain fat after dating with him~
cause they eat where ever they go~=)


J.SeNg said...

U also from tren??? Lolx~~~~~....

Carolinelzt said...

who else??

J.SeNg said...

HaH~~ Me also there b4... ^^

Carolinelzt said...

lol~ya o?
u sure is from KEpong studio la..
im from kuchai d~~
i regret join n wasted my $$ there so much tim~!!

i should join mustang crew..
now no time join d~TT

ms. sarah said...

aiyo aiyo
ka ling's video so sweeeeeeeeeeet
and created at 10/5/09 lolx
feel so touch if im her bf.

J.SeNg said...

I think kepong that 1 is ok ba... I dunno kuchai d is how la~~ Now I also no join lo... Because is too expensive... No $ pay for it a!! Now c the boss "Toro" they all become star lo...~ Haiz.. All last time my old friend.. Now become star le.. Ntg say....~~ = ="

Carolinelzt said...

Sarah::u happy wht la..is ur bday but not her bf ma..=="
yala..dam sweet la~!!

j.seng::they only teacher dance step follow music~!!wht for..din teach clear basic at all~=="
wasted my MONEY~!!

J.SeNg said...

Haha... Me there got teach basic.. But reli slow... 1 month + only teach new thing... Ntg say... Eh.~ the luYi izit from kepong a? I think i knw hu she is... My primary school friend.. Haha~~

Carolinelzt said...

lol~maybe different place different ppl teach lO~~
not kepong luyi la..my secondary friend~
Tren luyi i don't her d~~XD

J.SeNg said...

Haha... Same name ma... I think is her lo.. Misunderstand le... ^^

Carolinelzt said...

loL~never mind la..
yala~they 2 same name~~XD