Monday, September 21, 2009


My 1st SEM~

i have finish my 1st Sem in Tarc^^
should be very happy~cause I'm have my sem break now..
2weeks break, but it look like most of my friends is studying
and my college friends most of them when back to hometown d
want to find a people to accompany me to shopping,watch movie and singK also hard

this few day also stay at home with my elder sis[Chris]
watch movie that she bring back eat or fetch my bro back from school
it is okay for me actually~
feel so stress less^^
but quite boring la..but maybe weekend need to work
never mind la..cause my bank left not more than RM500
only got outcome when got time must work on my income~XD

haix~i think time really pass very very fast..
it like ZOOM my older sis[Catherine] going to be 21 in 1 and a half month^^
don't know what to buy for her
maybe clothes? necklace? or bag?
i think bag should be good~^^
cause i can use also~~hahahahah
I'm so BAD!!


refresh back to the time Dx haven go India~
it was so fun and happy stay with him..
go anyway, he even plan a trip to Langkawi alone
when to movie several time
go to SkyBar, Genting Highland twice and sesat in highway together for more than 2-3hours i think~
think back it was so funny, he even say "he love paying tol"
actually, we together just 1month time then he flew away to India~
but that 1month really done many thing,look like we have done 6month thing
everytime argue, he will pujuk me back don't care it was my or his wrong
sometime chat with him in phone also will argue

then,he go India on April
and in May have a surprising Birthday
i step in to college student life right after my Birthday
start to study in Tarc and meet 5fellow that was in a canceled English class
move in to Genting Kelang
then knowing other classmate friends..
and also most of DML coursemate^^
then, i meet a gang of dinner-mate

in Tarc life, it was so suffering cause of meeting deadline everyday everyweek~
but i was enjoying^^
cause i LOVE drawing..although i will say this and that
but i still enjoying..
the assignment i love de most was creating character^^
the 2nd is T-shirt design~
then~every work that Conception given

then pass June and July by doing many many assignment
then August Dx is back for his break~
go out with him just few day and when to Jogoya also
after he back to India my 1st Final exam in Tarc
nervous, cause if i fail i will need to resit
and my parents will scream at me~FOR SURE~!!**
then pass so fast and my sem break is here~
and when to my trip we plan long ago~XD
and back to Puchong..and now i blogging it my whole 1st sem^^

not long it will be 2nd sem and Chrismas then Chinese New Year!!!
time to buy NEW CLOTHES~~~~~~~~~~~

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