Thursday, September 10, 2009


my Notti Family member~

I'm back to Puchong about 5days..
and i have meet back my old besties~^^
it was so happy..i have plenty of fun with them..
always laugh and crazy around..

but not only craziness,happiness or fun i get after i came back..
i also started to receive and heard many news and what happening recently~
i don't think all this was good to know it..
it really make me feel chaotic=="
and some make me don't understand what their are think~
i also beginning to feel their some grow up and become mature..
hmm~~i know they are..

Reno, have a girlfriend[Vanice] but they broke up just 2weeks+ they together~
seriously sad case for her Vanice
he become more mature, not childish like last time..
not stingy like last time~
wish Reno can learn to appreciate someone and not to play with relation..

Angie, have new boyfriend[CB Kang] together 1month++ but broke up d..
cause some personal reason of CB Kang..
i also can feel Angie got happiness with him..
CB Kang is a guy that can really protect and give Angie happiness
but cause of some personal reason that even Angie don't know why they broke up~
but at the same time i also feel that her heart still have Kelvin in it
wish she got to know the reason and fix their relation again~

哥哥, before i move to Genting Kelang he already found a good girl he want..
but turn out it wasn't what we all think~
cause that girl, YA~can't go out late, no smoke okay it look good..
but she is a mean bitch~!!arrogant~!!
she JEALOUS of Angie,and done something bad to Angie~ cause Angie was Kelvin 3years Ex-girlfriend
and she a big spender~always buy this and that..
eat this and that~and expensive..make Kelvin broke~even he work 3job per day can't really feed her~
and Kelvin even complaining her in front of me~=="
i think Kelvin having problem in his financial..
3th Sep 09 i over heard he talk with his friend at phone..
he was lending money from his friend..wonder what happening!?
i also feel that he still have Angie in his mind~
cause i know there are not any of Kelvin girlfriends was as good as Angie..
wish Kelvin really found a good girl that can control him and make him stop smoking lo~

JianHerng, still the same..
always having his own problem..and also problem that never end..=="
okay~every member of Notti Familly sure know he lOve someone name start with S..
he do many thing for her, but she do not like him~
so he wasting his time on her~!!and most of us think she playing his feeling..
okay~~Herng ar..wake up la..i also lazy to type everything out..
cause i think you know what i want to say la..ho~~~?!

MunZai, still the same look..
like driving fast fast, still smoke non stop and drink many..
but he was a mummy boy~
he love his mum a lot..never disappointed his mum again~
helping his mum in her work..
he still like to talk many rubbish~~and joke that are not funny at all~XD
Mun~you better change lo..don't talk lung talk d..~
mature more kay~~~~~~if can, stop smoking...

Keith, hmmm~~~he is the most love me from all of them d..
only he will volunteer to fetch me at Genting Kelang..
he is clever like the old time..and always watch those wild channel or discovery channel..
but he is not a nerd~he know how to popping~LOL
he still single and available girls~not cause he is not handsome..
but he don't think it time to dating/have girlfriend..
Keith~cepat find a girlfriend lo..please watch less those discovery channel lo..
i will feel bored when u start tell me bout something i don't know le..=="

LuYi, she look more mature with her curly hair now..
she is prettier than last time~but playful than last time
her voice was sweet like honey which attract many bee around her..
she also sing very very well..
she is so polite to everyone, even to stranger..
she is kind but sometime she did not speak out something she don't like=="
it not because she not dare too, is because she don't want to hurt other people~
sometime she can be very tough and strong, so don't mess with her~
LuJi ar~~still the same, change lo..time to become a butterfly not a worm~
sometime you should mean to someone you should~XD

WeiLi, my precious darling..she is pretty but she don't know it..
and always complaining she is so tall and fat~=="
it just her figure look big does not mean ugly...
she can dance very very well..she very good in foxy/sexy dance..
she learning new jazz~jealous her much much~!!
i love her the most cause she always think the same as me~^^
now her hairstyle look like Penny tai~and short hair do suit her right~
she is never a follower, she have her own style~
but recently she have another darling..not very sure is a guy or a girl~~
better is a guy lo~~~XD
don't always look down to yourself cause in this world theirs nothing 100% perfect..
treat yourself better, be more confident~confident make people look at you~

Albert, okay~i saw him the less since I'm back..
don't know why??maybe busy of his school assignment~
his appearance change the most~look thinner but still have a 'strong' butt~
his hairstyle look cooler~but still not yet perfect..
cause he still same height~this is difficult to us which born to be short=="
his attitude, never ever change~!!
still the to take benefit from other..
even try to order someone to do something for him~he can't control his own anger..
always like girl or find girlfriend that are higher grade than him...
if he saw what i write he sure chop me into 8pieces~XD
bert~bert~long time no see come ajak me go movie lo...and throw away your uncontrollable anger
and stop using people who use heart to be friend with you if not soonner or later
you will lose you friend~

Louis, he never seem to be emo again..his driving still scary~
he still look at Ling with those full of feeling eyes, still very caring..
he is a gentlemen, all guys jealous of him cause girl always praise him..
he have a handsome look but he always laugh like barbarian and make silly face..=="
he is driving a Pejaro 4WD make me more worry bout his driving skill=="
he was a banana, but can speak a bit of mandarin and fluence cantonese..
i will bored by his long 'valuable' lesson come out when people was so serious asking or chating..
and most of the time he listen English song which make people sad..
if you want to more any new love song should find him~
and his heart always have Ling in it~no others..=P
haix~~better forget bout Ling la..she only like 大男人, learn to listen more chinese song..XD

KaLing, she ar~!! I'm too lazy to say her..cause if want to say..
i can use 1 day long just to write bout her..
she is so stupid~~!!who is a love failure~she betray by her love not one but twice..
and never wake up what they done to her..
a girl that look mature and people think she was mature but NOPE~she not..
thinking maybe sometime but in love she never mature..
she only find 大男人 to be her to abused/control by her love one
the only girl that never wake up from her cartoon world..see properly not fairy tale world~!!
she is the one and only people make everyone prohibit him from dating guys=="
cause it will make trouble when she broke up with her boyfriend..
it also may scare you to death~!!
there is once she idle by his 7month boyfriend and almost struck by car in front of me..
and my legs shivering when witness what happen..=="

~other then the Notti Family~
our neighbour~why called our neighbour~?!
last time we don't see each other always~~XD

FeiZing, she change too much~~
last time was a tomboy who fight with other girl..never act like a lady before..
run here and there like a monkey~~
now a sexy lady and look pretty..and so gentle..
less bad word from her mouth..^^but she smoke=="
and her bad habit did not change..she still have a itchy hand..
stealing thing, not from other but from friends also..
and a very playgirl..can change many boyfriends in a month..
she and KarWai have some weird relationship~=D

PaoZheng, he did not change many also..
just the hairstyle become more look like LION KING~XD
he still funny and entertain like last time~~
he is learning hairstyling..and he have a round body but he can dance~^^

KarWai, he hava look more girly with his thick hair...XD
still so pervert..and have many pornography in his mobile phone..
look at a girl when they wear too expose even is friends he do the same~
he also try to pretend drunk when we were in a club/pub and deliberately hug/touch us~=="
wish you grow up, and stop think all this thing~=="
get a life~~~without those pornograpy~==!!

this is what i think bout them..
it may just my own opinion about them..
wish they won't angry after see this post~~XD
but i think most of them will~~~~don't care..


-lu yi- said...

u banyak free leh.. describe each n everyone of us..
but good good.. at least let us know wat u think about us.. haha..
hopefully they'll learn their lesson.. [includin me~!]
thank q~!!

Carolinelzt said...

u now only know im free ar!!!hahaa