Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Seldom Online~

my friends and blogger or reader~~!!
i have been quite few days did not online and update my blog~~!!!
everyone blog already updated 2-3 post~~=="
my facebook look full with notification--
my hotmail was full with spamming or forward mail even junk mail~~
guess what i doing recently, while I'm not online like usually~??@@
don't know??really~~~~
then, have a look at this picture and i will tell you..quite a long story~~~=="
here is just part of it~~still got more with LuYi


Dx~so 帅!!right?

Dx and me~at The Curve


forgot when it is~?^^"

Sunway-after ice-skating

still don't know what I'm doing??
Dx came back to Malaysia for 2weeks..
and i'm accompany him for few days
then I'm sick for 4 days~
and work on 23August and 29-31August09

i not very sure where we have been and have done~
cause too many thing i did in this few days~=="
i think i just simply write out what i remember la..

we when to Sunway for ice-skating then movie
we also when to 1U for movie but we lost our way,so end up
when for dinner at Full House with his friends at Damansara
we also when to The Curve just for a walk and have a drink at Starbucks
when to Jogoya Starhill for another farewell for Dx
with his lovely friends, then we when to Sam palace[house]~!!
it is a really damn big house i ever see~it have 5 floor
a karaoke room, swimming pool and their room really big as big as my living room=="
that days we play till 4am+ only go home~
and i meet their new friend call Joanne a very nice lady~

last time i met him was
29August09-Satusday- on my working break time
it just 30minute++ met up for the last time before he go back India on 30August..
i got work can't go airport to send him~
wondering, did he cry again~?!
i think he won't do it second time ba..
but he sure very unwilling to go back..and will sad~
anyway, he will be back on March 2010 for 1month holiday or sem break~?

quite miss him~
this 2week did not when out like the time before he when to India~
and this 2weeks look like a
dream for me..
cause it came very fast and also go very fast~~^^
anyway~wish him all the best~!!

other then go out with Dx,
i also work for
3 days continually with LuYi at KLCC book fest~
it quite fun~cause i saw some people i don't expact to see
old primary friends, secondary friends, my X mom and even my secondary teacher
and i also meet many
38people of the part-timer~

i past the
30th August countdown with LuYi
and when to Mcdonald with Fei,Jeff and Shaun also LuYi~
to wait them copy notes=="
and yesterday night after work i got home and bath then receive a YUMCHA message from Kx
so i go yum cha with them till 2am++
im so
tired and exhausted i actually fall asleep when they are chating=="
got home i straight away sleep till this afternoon
wake up done my laudry then eat a ducky mamee and blog till now~~XD

and my elder sis birthday~~on
25 August09
and i forgot to wish her~~

miss you-Dx-
still got picture~will be posted when i got it~~

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