Monday, September 14, 2009


should change my personality~!!

i think not only my blog theme i should change.
i should change my everything too!!

i really hate my personality, my attitude, my behaved, my mind, my thinking!!
I think i over confident, am i ?!
am i a pretender!? i think i have too much thing hiding behind my mask, am i~!?
really really don't know how to say~!!!!!!!!!!!
i have to change everything, but how!? can i really change!?

can anyone tell me, what kind of person am i ?!
i really want to know..
I think I'm a BITCH I'm so SUCK a IDIOT a STUPID GIRL that can't figure out what she doing~!!
my attitude look like following my mood.
when in a good mood i do whatever they want, when I'm not in mood i giving people not nice face.
or finding thing to argue with.

did i regret doing something..??
even me, myself can't answer it, really don't know.

i feel so depressed right now.

my exam~!!other thing that make me stress and worry bout.
my study desktop is dead!!can't on it, it only know how to make the beeping sound.

no power point to study~!!
and i left 1last day to do my revision.
tomorrow i will have to memories all the exercise and mid term exam paper!!
if not, it will be RESIT for me~TT

now i lack of confidence and no mood [TAK DA SEMANGAT]~!!!!!

sweet is not the only flavor we can taste,
we still can taste spicy and bitter.
my feeling just like the color of the word~
night everyone~!!


~six~ said...

maybe u think too much lar~ ><''~
Then try not to be too depent on mood~ =) oso NOW only start~T________T
Really duno how to study ler...=(


Carolinelzt said...

trying my best..

HATE INTRO TO ART~!!!dont know read what!!

+U+U tml~!!

ms. sarah said...

don worry. not your personality also like that . im too . stubornnnnnnnnn

Carolinelzt said...

u cow me nt me pig~~XD