Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Tomorrow is the day~!!

my 1week exam rest have end~!!
i have a great fun back in Puchong with my besties this whole month~~
i think this month i already watched almost 5movie~~XD
so waste money~~HOR!?
but all was NICE movie~~so worth wasting..^^"
but i use too much money..I'm out of control of my financial=="

tomorrow is the last paper for DML student~^^
and also the most suffering exam of all..
cause it is Introduction To Art~!!!!
it mean art history~!!

normally student where will interest in HISTORY ge!!
i MOST HATE IT~!!the hardest subject ever~!!
i hate math be like it when there is history~
tomorrow i think i will try my best to do it..
although I'm sure 70% of the paper i won't know how to answer..
but have to give a try so i won't fail and RESIT~!!

everyone was worry bout tomorrow exam..=(
+U+U[add oil] for all DML and also other student that having exam~~^^
wish me luck to~~


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